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Found 24 results

  1. Special Discount Offer For UBOTSTUDIO Forum Members from Proxy-N-Vpn. We are proud to present Premium Private High Anonymous Proxies, Shared Proxies, Private VPN and Shared VPN with an Exclusive Recurring Discount of 15% - when you order use this coupon code "15OFF" Super Features Of Our Private Proxies: •Non Sequential IP's •Totally Private IP's •USA Based IP's •Multiple Subnets •Unlimited Bandwidth •High Anonymous Proxies •99% Up-time Guarantee •Setup Time (5 Mins to 2 Hours max) •24/7 Support , Fast Response Works great with: Social Media: Amazon | Goog
  2. One of the functions I use repeatedly in most things I build is this script which: 1. Takes a list of proxies in this format 2. imports that list into a table to be easily used I use it personally to call proxies from API or self hosted *.txt files, here is the source, if you see holes in my regex please feel free to modify, I am a regex noob. I attached a dummy file of fake proxies to run the script on, you will need to modify the add list to table as column line to get this working. set(#table_pos_row,0,"Global") clear table(&proxies) comment("ad
  3. I am creating a search bot on google with proxies. But whenever I am behind a proxy I am receiving these errors: Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen? Your client does not have permission to get URL /search?q= from this server. That’s all we know. What do you suggest where I can get proxies that may help with successful searches? Thanks
  4. Google blocking bot, can I be passing a fingerprint? I have a bot that was working yesterday. Today all source code is returned as encoded JS. I switched to anonymous proxies and I am blocked instantly on the first request, either with a bot warning or with the same encoded source code. These proxies are good, I use them with Scrapebox, Rank Tracker & others on Google with no issues. I have the following code at the top of the script: allow flash("No") allow javascript("No") clear cookies plugin command("OSCommandsFunctions.dll", "os clear cache") plugin comma
  5. so i am having a bit of trouble, i used edit pad to find the regex and i got the code down pretty tight, but when i try to make a proxy list - for some reason the $find regular expressions is not working. The strange part is i had it working before but i must of done something wrong. So far the code goes to hidemyass and scraps the 1st page then loads then into a table, coloumn1 ips : column2 ports I used the scrap attribute to scrape the ips successfully, but when i tried to do the same with the ports i couldnt so i used regex but for some reason the data isnt being collected. Any ideas whe
  6. Does anyone have a REGEX CODE that could grab IPs and Ports on almost all of the pages which offers free proxies? Or i have to scrape proxies and add them to a table, then do the same with the ports and finally create a .txt file with both tables IP:PORT Thanks
  7. HighProxies.com - is pleased to offer Premium Private Proxies, Shared Proxies and VPN's. Our proxies work with all browsers and any software that uses HTTP/HTTPS proxies. Supports almost all websites: Google, Yahhoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Tumblr, etc... DISCOUNT: We have two special promotions for UbotStudio members that will offer you Private Proxies, Shared Proxies and VPN's at cheap prices: 15% Recurring Discount - when you order use this coupon code: UBOT15 20% One Time Discount - when you order use this coupon code: UBOT20
  8. I am going to have a 2 day only sale. I will be selling both programs and source code together for several bots I have completed. You will get my latest version of bots plus source code I have for them. You will also get lifetime updates for the bots, not for the source codes. This sale will be for the first 5 people and you will need to PM me to order. Here is what you will get: 1. Backpage poster this is a bot I have put a lot of work into and the only thing it needs to make it complete is the recaptcha plug in. It has over 100 user agents, proxy support, clear cookies, random text, and
  9. Oh yes!!! Hello from the world of Python!! This little script will show you how to do a HTTP Get Request in Python using the Execute Python Plugin The full tutorial will be posted at my blog. See signature Python tutorials. Although there are comments I will try to make it as easy as possible. You will need to install Python vids at my blog as well. Here is the first one... The second one is better. (funnier I think) Anyways, have fun learning some Python. Highly recommended to use Ipython Notebook as an IDE not Ubot. After script works then put it in Ubot!!! Enjoy, C
  10. Hey Ubotters! I havent seen much information on VPN's in this forum and wanted to get input from fellow uboters on the difference between VPN's and Proxies. How each are being used and benefits of either or. Also, I see a good amount of script within UBOT for Proxy but nothing for VPN, Are there ways to successfully input VPN accounts?? Looking forward to your thoughts! Cheers, -Bob
  11. Working on a scraper bot of EZINE Articles and after testing my bot for the first page of 25 articles twice got this message... See below.. Is this for real? How can I combat this? I would assume this is going to continue happening with every site. There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.http://ezinearticles.com/captcha/blank.gif?uuid=f3ed1363f3224e0880eb4d46db57088c What may be causing this? You are attempting to access this page via a Webhosting AccountScripted access to public pages is not allowed.You are accessing the web via a proxy.If you are using a public proxy,
  12. So I'm working on my first public bot that uses proxies. Because people (in general) are stupid I'm trying to make it as mistake proof as possible. I don't need someone to explain to me how to make proxies work. That is easy enough as I have proxies working and changing already. What I'm am hoping to get is some advise on how to implement them efficiently. I understand how to do this, but I think I'm just coding it really inefficiently as the bot is really bogging down as I'm working. This particular part of the bot isn't anything special. It is simply creating hotmail accounts to be used
  13. Help needed! I am happy to PayPal somebody some cash in exchange for good advice. Question: How can I combine multi-threading with multiple IP addresses? Some Context: I have been hired to build a Nike "add to cart bot". The bot navigates to Nike.com and adds designer sneakers to the cart. This will allow my client to ensure that his customers get access to limited addition products. The bot that I create will be multi-thread. I am looking to have ten browsers open. Each browser will navigate to the site and add the desired product to the cart. Bad Option #1: I do not want to n
  14. Hello friends ask help for this code that I can not function Asher and do not know where this error could help me.? navigate("http://proxylist.hidemyass.com/", "Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", "") change checkbox(<name="ac">, "Unchecked") change dropdown(<name="c[]">, "United States ") change checkbox($element offset(<name="sp[]">, 0), "Unchecked") change checkbox($element offset(<name="ct[]">, 0), "Unchecked") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", 30) click(<innertext="UPDATE RESULTS">, "Left Click", "No") wait for browser event("Everyth
  15. Is it possible to have different proxies in different browser? Does setting a proxy in one browser change the ip in other browsers too?
  16. Hey guys Im new here and just got started with ubot. I can defenitly see the potential here. It was a little overwelming at first but I can do atleast simple stuff now. Im stuck at getting proxies to work from a table and I cant find this anywhere. Ive downloaded the proxy script that works from lists and try to conver it into table but it doesnt work. My csv file looks like this email,password,IP:port Im trying to setup a loop where it goes basically goes into the private proxy signs into the account and does its own things. I have tried several variations but I keep getting the NO SuPP
  17. Hey everyone, I searched quite a bit on this forum, but couldn't find any info about this. If this is a duplicate post to a previously answered question, you have my apologies. So, the issue I'm having is this: I am attempting to access a website, enter details on the page, change proxies and then reload the page. This is what happens when I test the proxy changer with a simple URL like Google.com http://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj553/jimag87/error_zps744c112b.png This is the proxy format I'm using: http://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj553/jimag87/proxy_zpsfa2aae81.png
  18. I see that a lot of you more experienced UBOT users are using SOCKS proxies instead of HTTP proxies. Obviously there are particular advantages of using Private SOCKS proxies over Private HTTP proxies with your bots. Can anyone elaborate on the benefits or why (outside of a wiki page definition?) Thanks
  19. Simple intro to improve your bots accuracy. Take it, modify it, critique it, and share with others in this thread. Thanks to all who participate. ui open file("Proxies:", #proxies) add list to list(%proxies, $list from file(#proxies), "Delete", "Global") in new browser { set visibility("Invisible") navigate("http://www.ip-adress.com/Proxy_Checker/", "Wait") wait for browser event("Page Loaded", "") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", "") set(#tempproxy, $next list item(%proxies), "Global") type text(<name="proxy">, #tempproxy, "Standard") wait fo
  20. Im using public proxies, some work some do not. So what I need to do is test the proxy when my bot starts and if the proxy doesnt work move on to another proxy. I know how to move on to another proxy, but what is a good way to test the proxy? Just taking a guess I come up with this, but is there going to be a better way? change proxy("") navigate("http://www.ubotstudio.com/resources", "Wait") if($exists(<src="/assets/red_logo.png">)) { then { } else { } }
  21. Hi, I was thinking to have a different proxies so that i can speed up the account creation in each browser. Is that possible using HMA VPN. I think it is not but just want to know if it is? Also i want to know a method to do different proxies in different browser when multi threading. And also Please Tell me tables or list which one is the best for multithreading? I generally use tables. Thanks in advance Utsav
  22. Okay so i've been working on a twitter account creation bot, and im thinking about buying some private proxies. how many do you use? or how many proxies do you suggest that i buy. I want to make a good number of accounts, like... upwards of 25k+. Anyones help or advice would be awesome! Thanks, josh
  23. Private socks proxies vs private proxies? What are the benefits of socks proxies?
  24. Hi I just want a small handful of private proxies. By private I am assuming that only I would be using them; would that be correct? Any recommendations for where I can purchase private proxies (besides HMA)? One more question; with HMA you are sharing proxies; is that correct?
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