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Found 13 results

  1. Hello guys i know ubot studio can make a bot for every website. I need some help i want to make a special bot. Dailymotion.com subscriber bot it needs ip rotation/captcha 2 bypass/solve email creatìon and verify/need verified account to subscribe would be cool to customize the channel wich get subscribers. it needs 2 windows one active for dailymotion and one active to get mail. temp-mail.org works fine to make mass email it would be great if someone can help me cause i dont have to much time i also would pay for your help earnings of dailymotion are small so i
  2. Hi Guys! I do have some bots that I did upload to an Amazon AWS EC2 Workstation. Now I want to send my customers to a site, where they can input some data, pay a fee via paypal and then the data should be transefered to the bot. Right now I have the current solution: Customer comes to websiteThere is an offer for Data-ScrapingCustomer enters Data to a formCustomer has to pay a fee in the form with paypalForm sends Data to an EmailBot is running every 5 Minutes on Server, checks for MailBot is scraping Mail content and then does some stuff (Data-Scraping)Bot sends scraped Data via Mail to c
  3. First off let me say the reason I am having this big sale. I have got into bitcoin and crypto currencies within the past month and actually started making decent money with it so far. I have been able to start cloud mining and sell the currencies. So since it's already working and I can see that I can easily scale it up that means within a short period of time and investment I can be working from home full time. Instead of going back to a horrible thing called a job... Since of course I have a family that likes seeing me that means I need to raise some money to invest and get this mining th
  4. I have for sale a simple traffic bot. It is nothing fancy but can be used every single day for free traffic to your sites. It will allow you to get free traffic on autopilot every day. A person would normally have to click on links to view someone's website for 6-12 seconds to get points to post there own sites. With my bot it will do the clicking for you. It will allow you to get many points that you can use to post your own ads with. Also because of getting so many points you can get a 12 second timer and bold title. Your ad will be able to stand out more and therefore get more views. So i
  5. I have for sale my Google Keyword Scraper. To be honest it's not a fancy program but it does get a job done. It will scrape any results for your keywords you type into the text box. If your doing adwords advertising then of course this can be very useful. Since google shows the most popular search terms that means your getting the best adwords and didn't have to do the work yourself to find them. My bot will grab each result from A-Z and put them onto a text file on your desktop for you. Also even better is that I also have a Bing tab as well. So get keywords from both Google and Bing as
  6. Hello fellow Ubotters, I would like to get some advice on best practices for how to automate the running of a bot which has a large number of pages to scrape. First I will give a little bit of background, and then hopefully someone can give me a few good ideas to implement. There is one site that I would like to scrape, and I need to pass through a series of unique URLs to the site. With each loop, I write the unique URL into a separate table so that I can keep track of which ones have been done and which ones still need to be done. Perhaps an example will help to demonstrate my situati
  7. Looking for a web-task-automation, scraping, parsing expert who has experience with writing automation scripts. Ubot and other automation software usages are welcome. Task: Write an automation program/script that will fill contact forms with specific data. Here is what the program should do: 1) Import a file of website with URL (we have this file) 2) Go to the URL and locate contact forms 3) Fill out contact forms on the URLs with specific content that we will provide. Ex. we will tell you what to type in the message field, name field etc. 4) Integrate with one of the captcha-byp
  8. I need automation script for Google Ыervice. If you are expert in UBot -> PM and I will send you detailed description. Thanks!
  9. WordPress Security Suite - 30 Million WordPress hacked in the past 2 weeks, don't let Yours be next! http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/wordpress_security_suite.jpg http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header2.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header3.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header4.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/warning.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/guarantee.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/buynow.png WordPress Security Suite - 30 Million WordPress hacked past 2 weeks, don
  10. I have for sale a bot I made called Sidetick Messenger Bot. The video below will show how it works and why you will want to buy it. Plus I have some great bonus for fast action takers. For the first 10 people to buy the Sidetick bot for $10 you will get both the sidetick bot, plus the million leads for free bot! The Sidetick bot alone is well worth more then a small $10 price but for the first 10 action takers you will get both! Want even more? Well I have you covered on that part too! For a small $30 you will get the Sidetick bot, the source code to it, plus the million leads for free
  11. I am trying to get my bot to submit images to mobypicture (http://www.mobypicture.com). The bot logs me in. It gets me to the upload page. There I don't know how to interact with the image submission field (see image 01) When I click on the "Add Files" button it launches what seems to be an actual windows browser window (see Image 02) At this point I cannot add nodes to uBot the windows popup window won't allow any other interaction until you deal with it. If i note the window's tittle and add a window command with the window closed--like to tell it insert the path to the image
  12. Today it just occurred to me that this forum lacks an external resources library or reference guide of sorts, for people looking at automation from (maybe) different standpoints. So here is this thread - please feel free to add what you guys read on other places, where you learn stuff, news, etc... This is NOT the place to write extended how to's or explain tips & tricks in detail, per se, but rather just what the links are about, in a few words, followed by the resource link itself. If you want to explain a new technique or have a tip or trick to share, open your own thread in the a
  13. I have decided to give this software for FREE ! (+ access to the SPIN SYNTAX FORMAT GENERATOR - more details here) You can activate and download the 2 softwares HERE http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/commasoft/images/ubotforum/1.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syWivEAp6Lo http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/commasoft/images/ubotforum/2.jpg http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/commasoft/images/ubotforum/3.jpg
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