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Found 9 results

  1. FULL WALK THROUGH VIDEO OF PREVIOUS PANELS COMPARED TO NEW SYSTEM AND MODS Skip to 3 minutes in to see the new system.. This code is for a Web Based Licensed Admin Panel. Easy to access from Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and all other platforms. To overwrite your existing UbotLocker installation or fresh install. Technologies used to make this theme better and cool: – HTML5 – CSS3 – BootStrap – jQuery – JavaScript – PhotoShop – Theme originally by Waqar Updated all files to run on latest PHP 5.6 and 7+ and Supported MySQL
  2. Why Ultimate Captcha will expire? Ubot can add this plugin. who know it?
  3. Also don't forget your updated and modded Ubotlocker Files here http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/22684-ubotlocker-ultimate-supports-php-7-check-inside/
  4. Unable to connect license server Error code 500. What's going on???
  5. Hey guys, I've build a couple of bots with ubot. Now I need to implement a some wooCommerce API's to protect the bot from being misused. Any solution, any plugin, any code? WooCommerce uses Restful API's and here is their documentation for it: https://woothemes.github.io/woocommerce-rest-api-docs/ Thanks in advance. Cheers I.
  6. http://www.ubotem.com/banners/LicenseBundle-MOD-UBOTEM.gif http://www.ubotem.com/banners/downloadinstantly.gif This mod is designed for Ubot Developers… ** You MUST have UNLEASHED already installed and setup working first!!! ** ** Software Tool is now version 2 - Rebuilt by UBOTEM & BOTGURU ** OK first of all lets make sure you know what this MOD does.... IN A NUTSHELL... WITH THIS MOD INSTALLED: When someone buys your bundle item they will receive only one email (that you can customise like normal in UbotLocker/Unleashed), and they will get one license key that wi
  7. Protect your bots with License controle http://vs-software.com/images/softwareboxlc.png Are you ready to sell your bots? Afther you spend mounths of coding, fine tune and debug your bot you are finaly ready to sell your bot and make some profit with it. The last thing you whant is that someone else illegale distribute your software. To prevent this you need a good license protection for your UBOT's. Finding a good protection for your software at an afforded price is not that easy. A license protection with automatic license validation cost a little fortuin. Prices between 400$ and 2000$ are
  8. Hi, I wonder if this is possible. I have a standard license of Ubot. The deal is Ubot is for personal and commercial purposes right? But I see that you can only do licensing and updates for Dev versions. What about us? Standard users? Can we license our bots even if the ubot brand is there? and even push some updates? Thanks!
  9. Hi you all. I have just begun to make bots, buying ubot myself just 2 days ago. But in the making of my first real bot I found that I would like to be able to disable a user of a bot at any time. The reason is this: I made a bot that my moderators of my classifieds ads site could use to delete a spam ad, without the need to log into my administration area - and without giving them access to my back end. BUT I would like to be able to disable a certain moderator's bot if I no longer could trust him/ her. The same applies for other bots that I would like to sell, with a simple license solu
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