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  1. With which ubot studio command I can create HTML and convert it into PDF? I like your solution!
  2. I've added those features but there is one strange issue.. In multithread it doesn't work even with one thread only, let me explain.. if I go with the monitor to the browser of that thread it works if I leave to the normal ubot studio page when the bot run it won't work. Anyone know?
  3. I've version 5.9.17, should I need to update? May be that the error?
  4. When I manually run that command it works but when the bot goes in execution it gives me that error. I'm getting frustated by this.. why ubot doesn't work as he need to...
  5. But the main problem is that I need images in the CSV file because I need to print that
  6. Hi I need to create a bot that saves images( .jpg, size about 7kb ) inside a csv table. Is this possible with ubot studio, if yes how? Thanks
  7. The problem is now fixed guys, thanks for the support. It was because of the text inside the csv that wasn't properly formatted
  8. Hi all, So I've created a CSV file with ubot studio then I use it on another ubot studio application. This CSV file has 136 rows. This CSV file is structererd in this way: Column 0: Column1: Column2: Column3: Column4: ProductEan Text Text or null Text or null Text or null Text or null means that may be multiple text lines or a string that contains: "Null" Now when I import the CSV with the command: "create table from file", ubot studio fucks up everything, here how it put the csv file inside table: Row1: ProductEan
  9. Hi all, My bot scrape text from a page and ubot studio make unreadable the letter with an accented to it. Is there any way to fix this problem? Fixed by encoding it to UTF-8 via notepad, thanks to: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/13358-accented-letters-issue/
  10. I've found a solution, there is no need to reply!!
  11. Thank you very much Sir! It works well but has only one problem! At the beginning it adds a " Example: "L00000639 , need to be --> L00000639 I've found the right regex don't worry! FIXED! ----------------------
  12. Hi to all! I'm need of help! I've a csv file with over than 4000 records, and they are formatted in this way: L00000639;"item name N.195 item name";"factory name";"1 000021619;"item name N.195 item name";"factory name";"1 Note they are in different rows but all that text is inside the column A How can I take the code only ( The one before the comma ; ) I've tried using regEx but without any success --> /[A-Z][0-9]9/g I want to put the codes into a list afterwards. Thanks to anyone who can help me!
  13. Hey , could you respond to my PM that i've sent you some days ago about this? As I don't have Ssub v7 anymore as my pc have been formatted. Thanks.
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