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  1. Is there anyone still using Ubot for scraping bots? If yes I need a developer to develop a simple bot... since it is long time I dont use ubot I dont remember how to make it myself, if anyone available please contact me!
  2. Here too the same thing, no way to start Ubot
  3. Anyone know a work around to solve a NoCaptcha with images? Ubot crashes if I use "solve click captcha" and I'm again stuck with the bot I working on...
  4. I'm not sure if this can be done... I have an UI HTML panel width some inputs like <input id="id1" variable="#var1" filwith="value"> in the same panel there is even a jquery code which dynamically will change the value of "id1", the script change correctly the input and the new value is visible for half second but after that the input come back to the original value, in the debugger the variable doesn't change at all. Is there a way to change dynamically the value of a variable in UI html panel using javascript or jquery?
  5. Hi deliter thank you again!! I tried to use the FileReader API , it does work on an html ( http://jsfiddle.net/LvsYc/ ) file but it doesn't work on ubot, I tried with "load html" and with "UI html panel" but nothing to do... I saw the plugin, it does many things and it is a good plugin for sure but quite expensive just to pic a file I think I should move everything on UI HTML PANEL and use UI OPEN FILE... Thank you anyway!
  6. I'm doing a bot where based on interfaces created with "load HTML" , now I need to select one local file to be uploaded, the problem is that the HTML doesn't allow to get the full path of the file so I'm looking for a workaround without to use "ui html" but the simple "load html", I like to use a single tab and change the interfaces on the fly... Someone know how this could be done? I tried to use "ui open file" in "ui html" it works giving the full path but... I cannot find the way to show again the selected file when I come back in the same tab, is there a way to have the "ui open file"
  7. Hi deliter, yes the way you suggested is a good starting point, supposing the value stay in the same position but what to do if I chose 5 rooms and I have this 2 selectors <select><option="">Chose how many rooms</option><option value="single room">single room</option><option value="double room">double room</option><option value="triple room">triple room</option><option value="four places room">four places room</option><option value="five places room">five places room</option></select> <select><opti
  8. I've just made the update and now it is working! Thank you!!
  9. Hi Varo, did it work for you? I tried but it doesn't work, it's the same way I tried (see the last line) just using "id" instead of "name" but it's not working... on my side even the demo script for "change file field" is not working navigate("http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu/ex/fup.html","Wait") change file field(<name="upfile">,"D:\\MyFOLDER\\MyFile.png")
  10. Hello, I'm looking for suggestions on how to upload some pictures in this website, I add the script to get directly to the point where to upload the image. I tried using "change file field" but it has no effect at all, trying to click on the button it makes the file selector to open but at that point I don't have any way to interact and chose the image file too upload. Thank you in advance to everyone who will spend some time on it! navigate("http://www.clickcase.it/annuncio","Wait") wait(2) wait for element(<name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$cmbContratto">,"","Appear")
  11. Hello everyone, I'm trying to understand is possible to fill different html select having the same tipology of arguments but with values described in different ways, for example I have 2 forms in 2 different websites where the bot should book some rooms, in the bot interface the user can chose how many rooms to book, let me say the user chose to book 5 rooms, now the bot goes in the first website and find this selector: Fist select in first website: <select> <option value="1room">1 room</option> <option value="2rooms">2 rooms</option> <option value="
  12. Hi, I'm trying to connect to a DB on my host, the connection is successful but when I run "query with result" it doesn't give any result, the same query on myadmin is working normally and give the result. I tried to run a wrong query and I get the correct error message so it seems to be correct, I cannot understand why I don't get any result, here the very simple code I used: define prendiLocalita { plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "connect to database", "mysql:server=\'mysql.us.cloudlogin.co\';uid=\'MY_ID\'; pwd=\'MY_PASS\'; database=\'MY_DB_NAME\'; port=\'\'; pooling=false") {
  13. Great! it works with pash code. Deliter, I would like to give a try to your plugin but I couldn't find it, where should I download it? Thank you for your help!!
  14. Hello! Could anyone help me to scrape an html <select>? In a page I have some html <select>, I need to scrape the innertext of each option for a particular select, I know how to select the correct one but I cant find the way to scrape each option... Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Mrcrix

    Socket missed

    oh I forgot about that, anyway after the last update of this morning the socket commands are back... thanx!
  16. Mrcrix

    Socket missed

    Hello, after my last update in 2014 in both ubot 4 and 5 I see the sockets commands has been removed, is it? How to edit my previous bots using the sockets features? Is there a way to downgrade at least ubot4? Thanx!
  17. I was trying playing with the spin too and for me the spin just doesn't work, I've used the spintax editor, I made a simple sentence, I copied the spintax to an alert comand and... it doesn't spin at all... is it something wrong with this code? alert($spin("From \{when|the time\} I \{downloaded|made the download|clicked the download link\} \{this software|this piece of software|this program\} I \{haven\'t done|didn\'t do|wasn\'t able \{to do|to make|to create\}\} \{anything|nothing\} \{yet|for now|at this time\}"))
  18. Hi Blumi40 try this out, could be enough? You could easilly transform it in a defined command or function.,. set(#word, "my very long word", "Global") set(#letters, #word, "Global") set(#loop, 0, "Global") loop($text length(#word)) { set(#letters, $insert text(#letters, "-", #loop), "Global") increment(#loop) increment(#loop) } clear list(%Letters) add list to list(%Letters, $list from text(#letters, "-"), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
  19. Blumi40 yes, you're right I didn't think about the user access level, it could be a good way to limit possible damages to the main DB anyway it would possible to see the sensitive data of all users so I think it is not too safe to use the db commands, I will keep using my usual way to connect to the main DB, thank you for your opinion Uniquebot, well I didn't think about decompiling since the sniffing should be enough to spot sensitive data but decompiling would even add more securities problems even for the hard coded data into the exe infact as I said I will not use the DB commands for no
  20. Update, I've found the problem... my fault the solution is to use the button code out of the form... now it is working as aspected..
  21. Blumi40, I tried waiting for 1, 2, 3 seconds but it doesn't change, I even tried to use a "loop while" the variables are different than "nothing" but it doesn't work anyway, the problem is that when I push the button the variables disappears from the fields so they aren't sent, or they are sent as empty, before the last update it was working fine...
  22. If using a sniffer software or some other software to check the connection strings of the computer is possible to find the string to connect to the DB it would be really simple to grab the data and connect to the same database with whatever software or script, it would be possible to work with it like the owner could, the hacker would have a complete access to the main DB. I tried to use a sniff software and open ubot studio, well, reading in the outcoming data I can see clearly my username, password, processor ID and all other data about my computer, using the same way I wasn't able to get
  23. The eval inside the set commands get the values inside the fields in the form, if you type something in the fields then you run manually those set commands they work and set the variable with the data in the fields, infact I've used this way in other bots and it works fine. Anyway it's strange that if you run manunally one command this work as aspected and if you run the same command using a button this work differently... or as in this case doesn't work at all.
  24. Bad day today guys only problems... this last one is driving me crazy 'cause it is really a basic script but I cant understand why it isn't work, here it is: define GetData { set(#Names, $eval("document.Data.Name.value"), "Global") set(#Urls, $eval("document.Data.Url.value"), "Global") } define Form { load html("<form name=\"Data\" > A <input id=\"Url\" name=\"Url\" variable=\"#Url\" fillwith=\"value\"><br> B <input id=\"Name\" name=\"Name\" variable=\"#Name\" fillwith =\"value\" > <button onclick=\"ubot.runScript(\'GetData()\')\">Send Data</button>
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