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  1. ^^ This. One of my most used bots is not showing node view and is missing the entire UI. You're going to get buried with support tickets at this rate and it's clearly not an issue with people's bots.
  2. What browser are you using? Seems to work fine in 49 but not 21.
  3. Isn't there a BST for this or did that get locked down? *posts
  4. I did comes across that actually but then found this thread and thought I'd see if there was any update...just upgraded to dev so not really ready to spend more on plugins right now till I get more comfortable. This seems like it should be a basic feature though.
  5. Might be a stupid question but I'm thinking of upgrading to developer soon and had a few questions. I notice that there are a lot of threads of bots throwing up virus warnings and what not and I understand why this happens. In thinking about how to minimize this I had a few questions. 1. Do compiled bots in developer edition that DO NOT require the use of internet or browser call home for anything? Say if it was an app to bulk rename files, or modify images, etc. 2. Compiled bots that DO require the use of internet. Do these have to phone home? I understand from what I've read is that you
  6. I did resolve it but I honestly don't remember how now. It was either a bug fix (because I think I reported it), an error in my code, or I changed the browser in Ubot. If you go to tools -> options which browser are you using? Try Chrome 29 if you're not using that one.
  7. Sorry this flew over my head and I can't make any sense of it :/ I will play around with this, thank you for sharing your script!!
  8. To clarify what I mean, say I wanted to pull up some Google search results and then save the URL of only specific sites, is there a way to allow for user interaction with the browser? e.g. 1. Load up a Google search page for "widgets" 2. You get your search results: widget site 1 widget site 2... widget site 3.. etc. Would there be a way to allow the user to click either directly on the link and have it added to a list, or would there be a way to include a UI element such as a button that the person could click to "add url" to a list? Add site 1 & 2 but not 3. Thanks in advance!
  9. I was trying to scrape a user's videos from Youtube (title+url). However, the bot seems to crash after a certain amount of time (pulled about 4700 records). I'm getting 2 types of errors. 1. Error converting value true to type 2. Cannot deserialize the current JSON array I saw a thread here which didn't really solve anything: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/17342-ubot-error-cannot-deserialize-the-current-json/ Any ideas as to what causes these errors? Sample page: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingCurios/videos Thanks.
  10. Thanks, works great! Now have to work on some filtering...
  11. I'm trying to build a simple YT title and url scraper and am running into a few issues. 1.) I'm not quite sure if I'm using the best attribute possible to scrape my data...it seems that the last 2 bots I made died the next day even though I used wildcards. I think it may be good now but guess I'll find out tomorrow 2.) I'm running into an issue with the title and url not matching up at some point, my guess is due to it not being able to find the page attribute. It could just be something in my script though. I suspect one culprit might be that I'm using "don't delete" for titles but "dele
  12. I feel like this should be easy but I keep banging my head on the desk. I'm scraping a list of URLs and they are path relative so I need to add a prefix, eg. url: blahblah.html and I need to add http://blahsite.com/ I can't seem to figure out how to use the list or table functions to insert the http://blahsite.com/ part. So let's say I have: 10 URLs I scraped. I want to add them to a table as such: PrefixURL I feel like I should be doing something with loops here... Thanks in advance.
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