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  1. https://stablediffusionapi.com/
  2. Great news. Thanks for your efforts to get this sorted. Much appreciated.
  3. Seth has updated https://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/38151-well-the-server-exploded/
  4. I presume that subdomain is pointing to the exploded server where the licensing exists.
  5. I hear you. It is frustrating.
  6. I too am waiting on this getting resolved. That being said, I think that saying negative things about Seth is not the right thing to do. You never know someones personal circumstances and what is occurring in their life right now. I am sure it will get sorted soon.
  7. But I notice all the mp3 have been created in C/Users/drbro/Documents/Ubot Studio/Speech folder The speech is amazing. Just hope this error can be fixed. hopefully something simple.
  8. Hi Seth, Thanks that has solved the error. Now works perfectly 😀
  9. Hi Seth, My code is this: ui console view config openai("mykey-hidden") create chat gpt agent("ChatGPT","You are a helpful assistant.","gpt-3.5-turbo") set(#test,$chat gpt response("Where does the name David originate?","ChatGPT"),"Local") I have turned on show errors and have attached a screenshot of what I get.
  10. I have created an API key at ChatGPT. It is not a chat GPT4 one yet as I am still on waitlist. The API Key I have been issued doesnt appear to work with my UBOT even though I have selected ChapGPT Turbo 3.5 in ubot options. Am I doing something wrong? Cant wait to get started with this. Anybody else up and running? Some sample code I could use to make sure Im doing things right would be cool.
  11. Worked for me. Great tip Thanks Gorse. Just uninstalled my latest version and installed from download setup. I can work on my bots again
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