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  1. only here i can´t find a solution: "$list from text" is no problem, but never before scraped dokument names from a folder. navigate("D:\\Dokumente\\Desktop\\list","Wait") add list to list(%file,$scrape attribute(<??>,"??"),"Delete","Global")
  2. Hi @all, i have a folder with some .pdf documents like 19-0215458-test.pdf or 20-0357896.pdf Now i want to scrape the first 10 digits from each document name. Can someone help me please ?
  3. Usually I do that too. But I found no solution to use the slider separated and so a can´t help others for this. To change the slider was no the right way. At the end of the code i found this: <input type="hidden" id="alter_von" name="alter_von" value="18"> I have changed only the value="18" and it works. And at the end 1 saw, that the new URL after the search was: http://www.URL.de/search/?search=boy_sucht_girl/age_18-30/de/online_first/page_1 And the simplest way was to navigate directly to this pages.
  4. thx @UBotDev I found a solution for this !!
  5. Hi i have a page with 2 sliders, an age-slider (from - to) and a distance-slider (up to) <div id="ageSlider" class="noUi-target noUi-ltr noUi-horizontal noUi-background"> <div class="noUi-base"> <div class="noUi-origin noUi-connect" style="left: 9.0909091%; "> <div class="noUi-handle noUi-handle-lower"> </div></div> <div class="noUi-origin noUi-background" style="left: 31.8181818%; "> <div class="noUi-handle noUi-handle-upper"> </div></div> </div></div> <div id="distanceSlider" class="noUi-target noUi-ltr noU
  6. ok... this works: click($element offset(<name="future_dateIntlDisplay">, 0), "Left Click", "No") wait(1) click(<innertext=#day>, "Left Click", "No") no change attribute, left click is better http://www.smileygarden.de/smilie/Schleifchen-Girls/smilie_girl_173.gif
  7. hey, for the german site i use: change attribute(<value=w"*.*.*">, "value", "#day.12.2013") and it changes the date in the display correctly. But if I click "schedule" it saves the old date . Even if I click manually in the date-field and it opens: the old date (day) of today is marked. Anybody know how to set this up? Thanks !!!
  8. thanks for the answers. The ID is unique and i understand, how i can remove one special ID with the remove node. But i need to delete always the complete first data profile... open XML, scrape the id´s, add to a list, remove first list item ? That will not work.
  9. thanks Aymen, thats a great plugin and I don´t know if it´s the right place to ask. But i´ll try it, maybe it´s interesting for others too: I have an xml like this: <profiles> <data profile="21844041"> <haircolor>blond</haircolor> <height>160 - 170 cm</height> <weight>60 - 70 kg</weight> <smoker>no</smoker> <eyecolor>blau</eyecolor> <figure>sporty</figure> <postalcodearea>8</postalcodearea> <fsk>18</fsk> <gender>female</gender> &
  10. for FB (login, navigate, post) i use click(<value="...... or click(<title="...... and it works fine.
  11. I had a similar problem with different versions win7. Do you have a chance to compile the bot on the clients machine ?
  12. please add me too skype name= sarila27
  13. @dankass: thanks for this tip - so we learn every day a little bit more. The $either I never used before.
  14. Thats an interesting question, but can i combine one into one another ? An example: 1. run and create an emailadress, wait 2. run the next to create an account 3. goback to the first, click the email-link and verify the account 4. login to the created account and fill it out 5. run an 3. bot to scrape datas from this account 6. run the 4. bot to check every 10 minutes, if the account profile text was changed by an admin 7. if yes, fill it out once again 8. use the scraped datas to send or click something 9. if the account was deleted, all over again.... what is better ? Run with differen
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