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    Have a desire to develop software but not a programmer so looking forward to making this my main interest for generating cash! Have owned Ubot since 2010 but just now able to dedicate the time out of necessity and having no other choice. It's go big with Ubot or go home!

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  1. Yes congratulations on the good news about the baby on the way TJ. Also nice list!
  2. Hey TJ just requested to be added to this group. Thanks for putting it together. Hope to join and learn a lot. I'm still struggling but not giving up in my personal health as well as my journey in learning Ubot. Hopefully this group will be just what I need to help me along further as I learn from those like you who seem to have Ubot down to a science! Take care and looking forward to it.
  3. Just wanted to chime in that I just ordered my copy and can't wait to begin to implement it. So excited and want to personally send out a thanks to TJ and Jane for all your guys' hard work and dedication in putting this product together. It definitely gives me hope that I am moving a little closer to the dream of making a full time living off of creating and selling my own Ubot creations. Both TJ and Jane have been not only kind and generous with me with regards to their knowledge but they seem to provide some of the best support around. Very prompt when replying to questions and always seem
  4. Definitely will be picking this up but will have to be at the end of next week Friday the 25th. You don't see the current prices increasing before then correct? I'm a current customer who just picked up the Ubot Source Code Generator V2 Platinum so the Security and Licensing System will have to wait just a little bit. This way it gives me a chance to move some things around. I was going to invest in some training but don't want to miss out on this Introductory Pricing! Like many Ubotters I've been waiting to see when this would be released and excited at the possibilities once I have bot
  5. I had to step back in and let folks know that TJ really has gone far and above to provide a total Newb support with this product. I have not had any issues whatsoever. I made the purchase received my license and everything was working. Now I did have some questions about the functionality of the Code Generator as I was a little confused and not aware of some things and as always TJ responds with either the answer or points me to it but usually he provides me the answer. He's been great and patient with me so just wanted to let others know who are sitting on the fence about this Code Generato
  6. Hey TJ I just wanted to chime in and say thank you for taking the time not only to read my looong PM but answering my questions and addressing my concerns. Also you didn't have to but you took it a step further and created a video addressing my concerns which helped me understand a bit more about the usefulness of your Code Generator. Thanks for that. All I can say is... I'M IN! With support like that and the fact that you took the time to personally invest in me and my comprehension of this powerful tool I feel this will be a GREAT investment. I should be picking up my copy of this
  7. Hey TJ I believe I'm going to be picking this up in the next couple days or so. I'll probably PM you a couple questions I have first though before making my purchase. Seems very powerful and looking forwarding to PMing you and receiving a reply so I can get moving on this. Update: PM sent. Forgive the length brother Very excited and had a lot to say but I believe just two questions .
  8. Same here. Have ideas and contacts that we can approach with the right Bots. Plus I have (I believe) unique ideas on how to get some affiliates and JVs on board to help us promote the bots we can come up with together. Looking forward to making 2013 huge for some Ubotters that I am able to partner up with. Looking forward to hearing back from you. I do plan on reaching out to others in the hopes that some JVs do develop soon. You can PM me to discuss more. Take care.
  9. Have sent ya a PM. I'm on the same kick and look forward to hooking up and discussing some ideas with you.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post this AutomationNinja. I know others have mentioned cool things they've done in the past with Ubot but nice to come across additional ideas.
  11. This concept MeatRo is working on for a bot that "learns" as it goes along is interesting. I'd like to see how this comes out as I am a huge fan of A.I. and all the possibilities. Really been enjoying learning Ubot over this Holiday Season. This kind of project that is being described by MeatRo is something I'd definitely like to work my way up to. Keep us posted.
  12. Looking forward to this solution. Appreciate your dedication to this project.
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