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Exb & Chrome Profiles

16 January 2020 - 03:01 PM

I have the latest chrome version *.117, but also have tested the *.88 version that comes with EXB.


Is anyone able to use chrome profiles with EXB? I've tried setting binary location to the version of chrome that comes with exb -version with the *.88 at end, but whenever using a profile it always launches in latest chrome version, and always in a pair of 2 windows. 


Wanted to check here because I know Dan is busy and I don't really want to waste his time with something that might be as simple as using the wrong chrome version, mentioned in one of the training videos I may have missed, or a bug he already knows about.


If it is working for anyone, I'd like to know how you got it working...


and thanks in advance to everyone who responds, it is greatly appreciated.