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  1. I guess my first challenge is scraping the table without using the built in table scrape function- that function only outputs to a file, which isn't scalable. I'm pretty sure I can figure out the grand total thing, but the table scrape directly into mysql is imperative.
  2. I am new to uBot, but not new to JS, PHP and scraping with dom html. What I'm trying to do seems simple in uBot, yet I'm having a tough time with it. The built-in table scrape works fine (entire table dumps to a *.csv super easily and quickly) - but that doesn't scale well for what I need. Here is the basic outline; in my script I connect to a mysql database and retrieve a url and a target_id. so lets say I'm scraping target_id #15, - uBot will store "15" in a "id" variable and navigate to www.webaddress.com/details.php?item=123456789. On that page is a small table - about 10 rows total,
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