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I've been having a problem for ages now, that has been driving me absolutely nuts and caused me to stop using Ubot for around 30 days until it got fixed.


If I nested functions like if (either (comparison (table total rows, by the time I got to table table rows I would have extremely long delays and "not responding". It would take more than 5 minutes just to finish one node. ( See video)




My first gut feeling after deciding I need to solve this now or give up on Ubot was to reboot into safe mode. Problem doesn't exist.

So I started narrowing down programs and eventually found if I turned off Roboform, the problem went away. Immediately I suspected the "Attach to Windows Application" functionality where roboform can store passwords for windows applications and not just web sites. After turning this feature off (luckily I don't even use it) problem went away.


If you do use Roboform and have this problem, uncheck this option:




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Well spotted ! +1 for that.


Although my ubot has been working ok since last week, I've also turned this feature of Roboform off following your post.





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One thing to note is that it looks like it has an exceptions list there, so you can probably just add UBot Studio.exe to the exceptions if you want to use this on other applications.


EDIT: It looks like the exceptions list feature doesn't work.

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Thank you Bob the BUilder.


I just came here to say that i've given up Ubot. I am in the same situation as you are, and in the last month or so i've completely stopped using Ubot because I couldn't use one single bot without it crashing or hanging somehow.


I will give this one last try and turn off that option in roboform.

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+1 on the great find... this helped quite a bit.


The remaining problem for me is with Norton Anti Virus which quarantines all my bots the first time I runt them and freezes them (I can't even end the process in task manager) until I manually restore them and set them to be allowed in the future. Not a major thing, just an annoyance which since they all have different names they are all treated as new threats. Not sure if other AV software does the same thing... I'll be finding out as soon as this Norton subscription expires so I can dump the POS. :rolleyes:

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In Norton 360 that only allowed me to enter specific file names to exclude, and since each bot has a unique name I would have to enter each bot individually in order to exclude them.


Since SONAR was causing the problem, I was able to add a specific folder to ignore, so I added my development folder and hopefully that will do the trick... so far so good. :)


Thanks for the tip... it prompted me to poke around around a bit in Norton's innards (which I try to avoid) so this should no longer be an issue.

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ah this will be brilliant if it works, that has been driving me nuts for ages and the chances of getting any response from this issue from Lilly made me not even bother trying. Thanks Bob :-)

PS Norton users, just say no, use Avast instead it is brilliant, free and quick.

Best regards


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