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  1. Sorry TJ but Version 5.9.44 Copies variable name and value
  2. set(#charCount,5,"Global") set(#listItem2,$insert text(#listItem2,$next list item(%listList),$add(#charCount,1)),"Global")
  3. Pete

    Imap Pop3

    Just an update to help anyone else thats trieds this It seems the native commands work (in version 5.9.44) but are being blocked by the big online free email providers so you need to use your own domains IMAP/SMTP or search out one thats not blocked
  4. Pete

    Imap Pop3

    Thanks for the reply nick But i tried that plugin with ubot version 5.9.44 and it failed to work. was hoping the native commands had been fixed
  5. Anyone know if this is working in version 6.1.1 ? plz
  6. blocked from posting my code here and from sending it in a pm
  7. Throughout life history has a habit of repeating itself
  8. Pete

    Scaping A Table

    Myself i would just take the whole tables, really depends how you like to skin you cat scrape table(<class="calls W(100%) Pos® Bd(0) Pt(0) list-options">,&TableOne) scrape table(<class="puts W(100%) Pos® list-options">,&TableTwo)
  9. Last time ubot worked one hundred percent with tumblr that i know of was version 3.5, it had its own firefox plugin (that was Firefox 3.6.13) then we had the big update to ubot 4, i have never seen it work to what i would call hundred percent with its own browser from that update, always needed a work around moblie useragent and that sort of suff, Have a look for UbotClipboardPlugin if it works with your version of ubot it may well help you if you can copy and paste
  10. This is very old code, but some may still be usfull focus(<class="dropdown settings-icon pinned-target">) click(<class="dropdown settings-icon pinned-target">,"Left Click","No") change attribute(<id="customUrl_input">,"value",$find regular expression(#Post,"(?<=<Custom Url>).*?(?=</Custom Url>)")) wait for element(<class="dropdown-area icon_arrow_carrot_down pinned-target">,240,"Appear") focus(<class="dropdown-area icon_arrow_carrot_down pinned-target">) click(<class="dropdown-area icon_arrow_carro
  11. Posted 05 February 2018 Why dig this up
  12. ui button("Go") { Google Search() } define Google Search { navigate("http://google.com","Wait") type text(<name="q">,"Hello World","Standard") click($element offset(<name="btnK">,1),"Left Click","No") } omg Try this, happy new year to all
  13. if your not subscribed for updates you area locked out of bot bank but that's no great loss imo, May not be any updates in that year a more constructive questions would of been will all updates be compatible with all the plugins
  14. I bet you get them as the email also said (we've spent the last year updating the UBot Studio core)
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