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Want To See Something Extra Cool ??   Check Out How I Made A C# Scraper Bot In 7 Minutes Flat   More Videos   Video 1 : Sockets Recorder + Post Code From Url       Plugins Required To Use The Ubot

i'll send you guys the new version in a few minutes

First Make Sure to install the new updated version i released today! if you did that then you're good! when a new update is released you will get notified when you launch the software ! I'll add a win

Seems ive found a Bug..
When i use the Socket Recorder & pick to convert it to ubot code, then convert the PostData to how i want it & click the OK button..

It does generate the code to ubot just fine, but it gives me a popup that says "Select a target software to generate code for!"

Not a big issue, just figured id let you know.

Using Windows 10.

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Hello Aymen, just sent you a PM..

I couldn't update my 1.28 version to the 1.29.

Also when I replicate your tutorial, you miss explaining some basic things like adding the System.Threading library, for enabling the ThreadPool.


I cannot run because: the type or namespace name 'Scraper' could not be found.

How can I solve that?

How can I add the library?




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i forgot my license details


can you please send me again


He has a support system linked on his website. It's better to open a ticket there. 

He doesn't visit this forum very often. So it might take couple of weeks before he sees it here.



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Email for license reset to aymen : aymenbnr@gmail.com he will respond in 24 hours.

i purchased this in 2014,  now it alert the key is not valid

i submit a support ticket more than 30hours ago, and got no reply

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