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  1. tool box error / not show at 6.3.6.. anyone have the same problem with me?
  2. Try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and 2015 x86 on client PC
  3. Solved.. My bot running after installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and 2015 Redistributable Package (x86)
  4. I also can't open it on Windows 10. Compiled bot only run in the process but are not open.. I also can't open it on Windows 10. Bots only run in the process but are not open
  5. Hello, is this a bug of ubot x.. plugin command("Advanced Ubot.dll", "clear list/variable/table", "%test,#test") add list to list(%test,$list from text("item 1 item 2 item 3",$new line),"Delete","Global") set(#test,$random list item(%test),"Global") remove text from list(%test,#test,"First")
  6. Thank you HelloInsomnia.. It's really helpful.. if you dont mind, I still have a problem to use $folder browse dialog with xaml native ui.. here my simple code define ImagesPath { set(#ImagesPath,$plugin function("File Management.dll", "$folder browser dialog"),"Global") } plugin command("XAMLUI.dll", "Load Xaml UI", " <Grid> <Button x:Name=\"ImagesPath\" Content=\"Load\" HorizontalAlignment=\"Left\" Margin=\"10,10,0,0\" VerticalAlignment=\"Top\" Width=\"75\"/> </Grid>", "", 350, "Basic") plugin command("XAMLUI.dll", "Xaml event hook", "ImagesPath", "Clic
  7. Hello, I am sorry.. Could anyone show me simple source code to make dropdown using plugin xaml native ui.. thank you
  8. Hello, anyone can help me how tu support to Ubot Store? I purchase plugin xaml native ui at ubot store. order status failed but my paypal balance debited. I was send a support at https://ubotplugins.freshdesk.combut have not an answer after 2 days 5 hours.. thank you
  9. I have a problem with UI Editor and UI html..it's show blank.. are you too
  10. I am sorry.. I already registered at https://www.botguru.net/ubot-user-free-plugins/ but did not get an email.. could you help me.. thanks
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