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Found 9 results

  1. Starting either ubot studio or any compiled bots does nothing. No error . nothing happens.
  2. Ends Dec. 31, 2019 Selenium WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows you to execute your tests against different browsers, not just Firefox, Chrome (unlike Selenium IDE). WebDriver also enables you to use a programming language in creating your test scripts Search Results Coupon Code is in the video!! Product page https://ubotdocta.com/products/uncategorized/threading-running-selenium-with-the-chrome-browser-in-ubot-studio-source-code/ Supplemental tutorial - not everything is discussed here. It is in the source code. Regards, Nick
  3. This is node view of my instagram bot i want to scroll down likes pop-up it works with id classes but here is different case cause it has only div and css code. navigate("https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz0jgdEBrS8/","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") click(<(tagname="a" AND class="zV_Nj")>,"Left Click","No") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") run javascript("var objDiv = document.getElementsByTagName(\"div[style=flex-direction]\"); objDiv[0].scrollTop = objDiv[0].scrollHeight;")
  4. I would like to check for expired domains on all these domains below. I have tried doing this with ScrapeBox Expired Domain Finder but ScrapeBox's support said because the page uses JavaScript ScrapeBox Expired Domain Finder can't do it. Can UBot Studio scrape JavaScript pages? If so which UBot version do I need? Thanks Allan https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/1 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/2 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/3 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/4 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-c
  5. Is it possible to make contains function case insensitive? I got the following code: set(#var,%nte,"Global") if($contains(#var,"Point")) { then { alert("contains!") } else { alert("Does not contain") } }So I have the list "%nte" and set it as the variable #var. The list contains the word Point. I would like to alert "contains! even if I search for the word "point" with lowercase p in the variable or any other lower and uppercase mix like "PoInT". Now it only shows "contains!" alert if I search for Point with the uppercase P.
  6. Hello all I have a windows 8 machine that was working fine until one day all bots just stopped opening. It's the same thing with studio. I even tried to run ubot 4 and got the same issue. The issue it turns out after inspecting task manager is that everything is running in the background. I have tried everything I can think of including system restore, changing ownership and changing permissions. I also tried compatability and it's the same thing every time. None of them are running as a service or can be accessed in the system tray, they just show up as background processes in task mana
  7. http://content.screencast.com/users/lowridertj/folders/Snagit/media/1d50af0c-f171-4064-8216-4af8651581f1/03.15.2013-21.png
  8. Hey guys, I just purchased an blog that features UBot tutorials. I am looking for guest bloggers who would like me to feature their bots that were created with UBot Studio. Or, if you would like to create a UBot tutorial video I will accept those as well. If you're interested, please contact me here: Contact Us - Free UBot Studio Tutorials Thanks! **Please let me know if this should be moved to another discussion area.
  9. Aloha all, I thought I'd introduce myself immediately because I can see I'm going to need some help with this foreign language called uBot! I just watched some of the videos and yikes, this is like nothing I've ever done before. I not freaking out...I'm just tired and am going to study my eyelids for a while and then get back to work. I figure learning how to use the studio takes some time...besides the tutorials...any other tips for this newbie??? I appreciate any and all comments, tips, and even just hellos.... Geez, I'm rambling...and a little excited about all of this! Looking forw
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