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  1. Hey TJ how do we use the amazon ses servers to spawn? can you give some info on where to look and learn. thx
  2. Hi Guys After updating to Ubot X because my bots started to not function correctly I have found the following bugs when running my bots that I know worked fine before Internal Browser freeze - I found that if I just add 'in external browser' to the start of your script it seem to knock/reset the internal browser and run smother and not freeze the internal browserUI dropdown - default value = nothing - when ubot starts up the ui dropdowns do not default to the first valueScraping to list - position 0 gets filled with nothing and then the scrape starts in position 115/12/2018 thread spawn doe
  3. Thanks, I have been holding off on the update Maybe it's time
  4. Thanks mate This is the address that takes you to the page - navigate("https://zapier.com/app/settings/authorizations","Wait") I dont have the login portion to FB as I can't see any login details as it doent load The ID url was the url that was sent to FB in a normal firefox browser when I confirm the FB connection on the above zapier page and probably irrelevant as it a different browser? thank again
  5. Thanks TJ, I tried that and it doesn't work. the popup just stays on flash screen and doesn't open FB login screen
  6. Hey guys Trying to connect a FB account through a popup on Zapier after loggin i go to the connect page, once you add your selection a popup appears and is not visable and continues looping In a normal desktop browser I have managed to get the FB confirm url and have confirmed connection twice The difference in the the 2 changes in the different confirm codes FB url's was the below XXXXXX I need to be able to scrape the logger ID and replace XXXXXX with this scraped ID any solutions? thx to all allow popups("In New Window") navigate("https://zapier.com/app/settings/authorizations","Wait") w
  7. Hey guys I want to regex a number and remove the comma from the results Scraped number = 5,200 results = 5200 also when i regex \d with the set function, i get the following results 5 2 0 0 is there a way to bring this back to 1 line 5200 Thanks
  8. Thanks Nick, you always come through with the goods
  9. thanks bestmacro for your time, but this doesn't seem to work with HTTP GET cheers this is the SET just need correct regex Thx set(#get_website_url,$find regular expression($plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$http get", "https://www.google.com/maps/place/?q=place_id:ChIJ78PxQ60Q1moR8NHDUv_v0gk", "", "", "", ""),"(?<=widget-pane-link\">).*(?=<)"),"Global")
  10. Hey guys I'm wanting to scrape the website url from goole maps listing, I'm able to scrape it when just running normal browser I'm currently using HTTP GET to run the bot so I would like to continue using it to find regex expression can anyone help as the HTTP code is messy to regex Example url: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Cityside+Conveyancing+Services/@-37.6956501,145.0148806,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6ad644f85ba0b2dd:0x9b61e2d8af06c697!8m2!3d-37.6956544!4d145.0170693 Thanks in advance
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