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  1. The file wasn't being saved because I had the wrong setting on one of the plugins. I figured out how to find out where it saves to when selecting Application. When you have a bot open then click on file, save as just like if you were saving the bot. A window will pop up so you can name the bot but it will also show which folder it will save to. That is where you will find it.
  2. I meant to type Program Folder in the title of the post but I don't see where I can edit it. FYI, I also saved the file in Application Folder but I don't see it there either. Can someone confirm that if my bot saved an attachment to "{$special folder("Program Files")}/UBot Studio 6/Folder Name.CSV", "True") that it would be visible in the below markedout folder? I am using version 6 developer.
  3. Thanks for the response and the brief code example!
  4. A bit log winded question from a newb so please excuse. I am having trouble mapping the trigger. I plan on providing a service to companies that is triggered when they send an email with attachement to me. UBot is going to do the same tasks for all of the clients. However, the tasks will be done on different websites depending on which sites they use. The bot will run and log in to different applications with the credentials of the specific client. I might use dedicated proxies to avoid being flagged by websites. I plan on running my bot on a VPS so that the bot can run 24/7. From the
  5. After reading more threads, it looks like the threads counter is no longer needed in v4. I am assuming the same goes with Ubot studio X Developer edition. I am not a programmer so I don't know what changes I need to do to the code in order to get to the node view much less to get it to work. Since I am a newb, trial and error is expected so no worries. The sample code was free but one of the other plugins that it required cost $77 usd. Ouch! I don't mind forking over some dough to learn something valuable but in this case I didn't.
  6. Thanks for that. It does seem that perhaps the Threads Counter.dll is no longer working. The errors in the debugger makes me think so. See below. I emailed the plugin developer but it is my understanding that he is working on something huge. #threadcount #savedatacounter #saveevery #counter #stop #threads FYI, I have been eyeballing a couple of your products. I might just get both as one will help me learn and the other will let me see how a pro bot should be built.
  7. Hello, everyone. I am posting this request on here because it can also help future non-programmer newbs in the future. Can someone help me get to the node view so I can attempt to fix some errors? I am in the script view and I keep getting the prompt that I cannot go to node until I fix the code error. Any ideas? The debuggers is giving me errors that are part of the UI boxes. I doubt that has anything to do with me not getting to node view but thought to mention it. Here is an example of one of the errors. ui drop down("Threads","1,5,10,25,50,100,200",#threadcount)
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