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  1. Excellent work TJ. This license system is not only the best out for UBot Studio bots but also offers many features allowing you to offer professional services with the least resistance for users. Before TJ released this i used to have to have 5 installs for my licenses for different bots as the system would lock up with too many licenses in it. TJ has done a stellar job with this, and the upgrades and updates he pushes out are amazing, he has helped me out several times with one thing or another, and made updates really fast to add in features that could help. Grab a copy if
  2. Is the download video fixed in this version?
  3. Found another a few more bugs Carl, i put it in your ticket system. So to clarify there are 2 (now 3) in your ticket system and one in the recent posts above Can you tell im using it again after a break lol
  4. Another Bug: I got a ticket in too on a different bug, but thought i would see here if anyone else got this working. I have quite a few tabs and want to keep the bot compatible with smaller screens so im using the dropdown menu part on the tabs. So this is what i done. I made the tabs i wanted, then dragged them into the new dropdown tab i created, the tabs show under it as they should. The problem i have is when i try and click on one of them to select it it does not do anything, so i have a nice drop down and cant access any tabs in it. Any one got this working yet?
  5. Hi Carl, I got a problem with modals..... At the moment when using modals they pop up over just the ui. Can you change that so it pops up over everything? ie the main window too? The reason i ask is i am making a small ui that uses the browser (shock lol), the ui height is only small and the modal box is taller in height than my ui so it adds ugly scroll buttons. Found a Bug too..... not sure if its been mentioned as not had time to read the thread for a while, but the footer height in the modal properties does not change if you set it to less than 55, i would like to be able to se
  6. Hi Carl, I did try both, importing the ui html command in full and just the html (in this version and previous ones) and the .ubot file in this version, i cant import my interface any way at all in v1.09 Do you know if there will be an update today ( i know its Christmas)? or a way for me to go back to 1.08 so i can at least make a couple of mods? Jane
  7. Thanks for the fixes. but we got a massive bug v1.09! Can not import my interface Carl the one you got already, imported into v1.08 ok, now i cant import that one into v1.09, its been sitting here for 10 mins also code import (where you paste the html in the box) does not do nothing (as i said in previous post somewhere),
  8. another 2 bugs in v1.08 when you edit a select (dropdown) now you can not put an icon on the first choice, and you can not move anything else to the top or delete it, so re-ordering broke and icons and trash / delete.If you use drop down tabs, i made 2 on the end of my gui to test then clicked over to delete one of them and it deleted the whole interface.
  9. Hi Carl, Thanks for the fixes got another one for you in V1.08 The tool tips, it puts the nice black tool tip then the old one as well like SSUB used to underneath. (it seems only on some components, the select for one) not tried to use the rest, just loaded it up to add a tool tip and that is what happened. Jane
  10. Thanks Carl for the fast fix on the import. V1.06 is a lot faster.... and i love the event stuff you added I found some more (none critical) bugs for you When using manage select options and hit trash it makes the entry empty and not delete it (if its the first option) but if you move the entry to the bottom then you can delete it.bug on select, when you use check marks (tick) it is showing on the wrong selection when you click on the dropdown. For example select 5 and it shows 5 but when you click on the button it shows a tick on 15When you put in the selections in Select it shows the
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