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  1. I call BS on this, there was an update done (6.11) so hold your horses and just see how the situation goes before making, bad and sad, predictions like those xD
  2. Hello there! For sure it will be a great place for you to be. It might sometimes seem like little acitivity is going on here but that's not the case. We mostly are active here when something is needed and we can't do it + it wasn't already written in the forum, which pretty much covers most of the problems and have all the answers you are looking for. Just remember to search the forum via google with site:ubotstudio.com added so you get the results (internal search is not that good). Wish you all the best!
  3. Yes, the update fucks up the UI thing in ubot/makes it work slow as hell. Just reinstall the windows and say NO! to updates, should work fine out of the box and that's what I did. Updates are awesome but now when they mess with my submarine friend
  4. Hi Mufasa. I have it and uploaded it to sendspace for you, here is the link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/k91fr7 P.S. I know u are the one that killed Simba's father :D
  5. Hi Doug23. I'm interested in getting more details from you about this and then I can tell if and for how much I can get you a bot like this done. I though about something similar a while back to use as link outreach/lead generation software, but as I choosen to go other way I will be happy to create it anyways for you instead of just forgetting about that idea
  6. Please check again and restart ubot few times, should work. Any ways topic for that is here already: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/22576-still-in-business-or-is-the-server-techie-on-vacation/ So lets not derail this topic about Ultimate UI more
  7. It seems to be more of a temporary problem as I got the same error and restarting few times ubot got it working. Same right now, got the message like 10 times and now it's working fine. So just retry and when you have it running, leave it running on your PC so it doesn't have to connect to verify license again. Any ways I've send a msg directly to Seth to let him know about the problem.
  8. WOW! Again awesome job @Helloinsomnia! Can anyone, who owns now both, tell me and us all how this UI plugin compares to Ustrap? Especially in the way they operate, as from what I've seen Ultimate UI get stuff done inside ubot and no need to mess with html theme so much.
  9. Please be more specific so Heopas, awesome dude, will be able to solve it for ya and I saved you time
  10. Hello there. What version of ubot itself and the browser in your bot are you using? They might have changed something so you can try the different version of browser for your bot. Just go to setting in ubot and change the browser, restart ubot, recompile bot and it should use the version of browser you switched to. If still having trouble with google, you can buy a Exbrowser plugin and use normal Firefox or Chrome with your bot so Google will not know that its not human but a bot (always if internal browser can't handle stuff, I use exbrowser cause it operates on normal browser, for which
  11. When on a last step (and you got that map thing opened in internal browser), try clicking on that BLUE rack symbol and check if it will open up element editor HTML thing - if it shows you an error, you will need to chose the element to type that text into, by another setting like "class" or something. When you have "offset" and number inside it means there is more than 1 element of that kind (based on how they are getting selected) and it might be a problem later on when something changes, like they add some similar field in between the 1st element and the one that you want to get selected and
  12. The URL must be stored somewhere any ways as it doesn't come out of nowhere. Are you using internal browser to navigate to that page or HTTP request?
  13. Or this solutions is indeed what you are looking for, I've tested it myself and thanks to Misha I solved a problem that I wasn't even aware of (already found a workaround for it that was doing me good). Thank you both!
  14. I had similar problem while compiling in ubot 6.0.4 - the bot didn't start at virtual machine with windows 10. What worked for me, was opening the same bot in ubot 5.9.55, compiling it with that and then everything was running smoothly with the bot.
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