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  1. I am getting this error why my commands not loading i am using ubot after a while kindly guide me
  2. Hi I am getting error when trying to login to google This browser or app may not be secure. Learn moreTry using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in it was working google but today facing this issue kindly guide me what i can do to resolve this
  3. I am trying but unable to get it done is there anyone who can guide me who to insert date in this field using exbrowser firefox i need to add 06-23-1968 and 07-08-1973 i will be highly thankful if some one guide me or provide me a short code for this url: https://www.walmartmoneycard.com/getacardnow field=Birthdate
  4. navigate("http://ubotstudio.com/playground/simple-form","Wait") ui open file("Browse for your file here:", #my file) type text(<username field>, #my file, "Standard") i tried this code but when i try to select file browse file option loading twice 1st i select file then instantly it again ask for file selection and when i go to process it it instantly clear the file have anyone experienced this any solution?
  5. Not yet Yes CTRL+S but last time ubot studio crashed and after loading it again and opening file i am getting error message
  6. Unable to load bot because it is not a valid UBot file.
  7. Hi I am getting error when opening ubot file saved few minutes ago Unable to load bot because it is not a valid UBot file.
  8. Placed an order 8 hours ago and still waiting for download link and license key
  9. just purchased and waiting for license code
  10. I have a csv file containing 5 rows/lines i want to add one more row/line with content like username in col 1 and pass in col 2 while keeping the old 5 rows/lines kindly guide me how to do this i will be thank full Edit: Issue resolved
  11. trying to restrict a string to 12 characters(actutal string is 25 characters) but unable to find a way anyone can guide me how to do it
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