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  1. Hello, i have updated ubot to 6.3.9 and lost all my free plugins. This link is not valid anymore; By any chance is there a link for free plugins? Thanks in advanced! Edit : nvm im really a dumb! just seen im in plugins section! shame on me. Sorry
  2. Hello, After few months without using ubot i have decided to create a little bot. I have developper x and do not understand why i can not copy a result from the debugger. Any1 had the same issue?
  3. Hello, After A long time i have not used ubot, i opened it yesterday and i have done the update, app freezing at loading plugins. Any idea? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I have a problem when updating ubot 6 revision 8. At the end of the download it open idm and download a zip file named : batch_ttgapi.zip I guess it is not normal but after when opening ubot i have this error : And if i click ok i have another error : Anyone has encountered the same issue ? Thanks in advance
  5. Check your text file and be sure of the control of line. Sometimes you can see new line but delimiter is not good. Just try another text file you make manually with 2 lines
  6. Great thanks for this awesome help ! I just have to read now and apply
  7. Hello, check that thread : http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/22538-exbrowser-chrome-version-auto-update/
  8. Hello, My question is how to know which type of google recaptcha im facing. And is it possible to solve this one with a 2captcha account with advance captcha plugin on Dan Exbrowser? Thanks in advance for the help
  9. hi, you can substract the 2 dates after inversed. you must transform the date to that format without "/" : YYYYMMDD Then you will get the number of days by doing 20191220 - 20191201 Good luck
  10. Hello You can use the set user agent in EXB launcher 's options.
  11. Hello, I would like to use Kev123 free plugin but i don't understand how it supposed to work. I have tested 3 seconds start stop watch and the result is more than 3 seconds ? Edit : I am sorry, i fugured it out! As always i never read grrr Just forgot to reset the watch
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