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  1. Got this gibberish response while visiting a site (see atachment) Using chrome 21 & 49 same result Any clue ? Or is it Ubot Studio bug ? Or is it Ubot Studio feature ?
  2. thank you for this plugin heopas btw, any documentation how to use sqlite feature ?
  3. this link maybe help you http://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Socket_navigate
  4. maybe your 5 user has slow internet connection as we know, ubot download files when first start. Its lot if youre using slow internet connection
  5. best practice is to count total first, then do iteration ($next list item) you stated that this error occurs when using headless feature, isnt ? add list to list(%shorturls,$scrape attribute(<class="short-url">,"href"),"Delete","Global")then maybe, when using headless feature ubot failed to scrape data. Check you list if its empty
  6. hi sorry, i dont get it maybe an image will make me understand
  7. I'm trying to test how ubot treat boolean value, this is WIP, hope it helps CONCLUSION: - if somehow ubot skip your "if" command then maybe the condition is wrong - WIP set(#log,"","Global") ui html panel("<html><body><div variable='#log' fillwith='innerhtml'></div></body></html>",700) comment("python, TODO") comment("ubot") set(#test,"false","Global") purpose("Testing false string from variable") if(#test) { then { log("true") } else { log("false") } } set(#test,"true","Global") purpose("Testing true string from variabl
  8. if you dont need bug fixes in .36 version, yes you should
  9. check also what python says about True/False http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/19842-miscellaneous-tips/?do=findComment&comment=124260
  10. Python boolean values is "False" and "True", hence ubot is "true" ($true) and "false" ($false) see also $false not same as $is number 's "false"
  11. should we add it to tracker.ubotstudio.com ?
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