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  1. You can download here: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/ubotsupportfiles/5.9.55+Setup.msi
  2. Original download URL is not working anymore. For everyone wondering, have attached the plugin download to this message* *you need to be logged into an active forum user account in order to access and download the file. close bot.dll
  3. Hello @cdarrell, are you trying to automatically login to a self-hosted WordPress site or one that is hosted with wordpress.com ? Are you sure this issue is related to the browser? A 401 Error typically means that the webpage you're trying to access requires a valid user ID and password. Logging into WordPress CMS should not be an issue as of my knowledge. Did you double-check that there is no other possible root of the problem?
  4. Hello @Urgent Enquirer, I assume your question was much to specific with all your requirements. Many people have found ways to make money using UBot. But you asked a very very specific question, right? I would suggest, explore the forum or read the following threads. Maybe some of the members there might even reply you if you ask something related that's easy enough for someone to answer:
  5. Really sorry that I can't test your code atm. But I can suggest to put a "stop script" after questionable steps, then hitting run and looking inside the debugger if everything looks good until the step before the "stop script". Then move the stop script one command down the line, run again and check the debugger again. Repeating this should enable you to identify the exact step where the issue starts to appear.
  6. Ok, try putting "wait" or "wait for element" after this line: plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Navigate", $table cell(&LinkedIn Data,#row,8)) It's similar scenario. Right after the navigate command.
  7. You tried my suggestion already?
  8. Hello @cjacobs, I removed your ExBrowser license key from within your code πŸ˜‰ Without having tried yet, I assume you want to try putting a wait right after: plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Navigate", "https://www.linkedin.com/") I assume that the content you try to scrape loads asynchronous. So try to make sure itβ€˜s really loaded before continuing (e.g. putting a simple "wait" or a "wait for element").
  9. @Urgent Enquirer, glad you found it working just fine πŸ‘ You ask: "How come on my end, the google search result link attributes are shown as XY while on your end AB?" This is because of skill. For me it looks the same and it doesn't just "show". Needs your own skill to figure out the correct selectors. And because the search result page is difficult to figure out, I put this example code to make it easy, showing you a ready-made solution. Please understand that I won't explain every line of code one by one.
  10. The UBot licensing system undergoes scheduled maintenance every Sunday, beginning from 6:30 CET. Rest assured that the downtime is temporary. Please try again later. πŸ‘
  11. Try this: type text(<name="q">,"\{ENTER\}","Standard") Feel free leaving a like if this solved your problem.
  12. I tested your code. And no, there is no bug. You only confused how to use the "add list to list" command here. This: add list to list($scrape attribute(<outerhtml=w"<span>*</span>">,"innertext"),%keywords,"Delete","Global") Should be this: add list to list(%keywords,$scrape attribute(<outerhtml=w"<span>*</span>">,"innertext"),"Delete","Global")
  13. If you prefer using ExBrowser, you can use the following XPath expression instead in order to extract the organic results: x://div[contains(@class,"yuRUbf")]/a[1] Use the XPath expression inside a "scrape list element attribute" function and set the attribute to be "href". Congratulations πŸ€–
  14. @Urgent Enquirer, regarding your Google search results question, here is the answer:
  15. @tahoecale, I found time to look through my code. Here is the answer:
  16. Hello community, Because many people have asked for help regarding this, here is some ready-made UBot code for you. This example code works with UBot Studio only (without the need for any plugins being installed). For more demanding scenarios there are other, more sophisticated ways to achieve things by utilizing additional plugins for UBot Studio. Feel free to leave a like if this helped you out. Last updated 2021-09-06 13:55 CET navigate("https://www.google.com","Wait") wait(2) comment("Click Google Privacy Consent Button if present") click(<class="tHlp8d"
  17. @Urgent Enquirer, Yes, I know they make it not exactly easy to figure out. On the SERPs especially, they use the same classes a lot for the DOM elements and other things that make it hard selecting and interacting with desired elements. I did this for a rather educational purpose a few months back. Needs me more time to read through my previous code (have a lot in hundreds of files). Another user also asked this. As soon I have time to investigate my old code or do a new one, I let you know. Till then I can only say, it should be possible with some advanced XPath (combination of sel
  18. @Urgent Enquirer, welcome. I would say always write the simplest and shortest code that works for you. I did no check to keep things as simple as possible. If no check needed, don't check. This is how a Google Privacy Consent Page looks like:
  19. I know it's not 80s, just found the performance worth sharing here, special thing... Have a nice day. Giorgia Angiuli - Live Set for Awesome Soundwave & Beatport.
  20. Hello @Urgent Enquirer, this is how you can handle G Search with UBot natively (without plugins): navigate("https://www.google.com","Wait") wait(3) comment("Click Google Consent Button if present") click(<class="tHlp8d">,"Left Click","No") wait(1) navigate("https://www.google.com","Wait") change attribute(<name="q">,"value","weather") type text(<name="q">,"\{ENTER\}","Standard") Feel free to leave a like if this helped you further.
  21. @Bliss, seems like "you have been one with the bliss" 😁 Really amazing story and thanks for your best wishes. Have sent you a PM.
  22. Haha. Regarding 3.) I once had a python developer begging me to code it in UBot instead (really) πŸ˜‚ He was like "please you develop this instead of me, using your UBot Studio thing. Otherwise I would need to spend countless sleepless nights, weekends etc. in order to achieve the results. And I know that for you, using UBot, you can code it all up in one afternoon session" 🀠 (he was noticably slow in progressing with his approach and he experienced bugs and challenges already without being near to finish important modules of a first prototype. He was already sitting with it for ages,
  23. Thank you, @Bliss. Totally agree on point 1 and 2. 1. yes 2. yes (up to 10 in a bundle, this is a restriction from our licensing system. There will be an option to get all, even if it will consist of 2 or 3 bundles.) 3. UBot still holds on to me. Love it so much and appreciate the usefulness of it, so that I even took on the extra effort securing and prolonging Pash's legacy plugins, putting small team of Automaxed in place, already working on improving on things, making things ready for the future. I never saw another convincing alternative to UBot Studio (plus plugins). I
  24. Hello @cob007, thanks for your suggestion. Following your advice we would rather have no apple devices at all anymore (because without Steve Jobs?)? πŸ™ƒ This approach will not work for us, I am sorry. It would not benefit the community. I understand your point and take your feeback in consideration (valuing legacy customers). Thanks for expressing your gratitude towards Pash, he has done an incredible work indeed.
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