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  1. I am having issues compiling bots with some plugins too, and its difficult to narrow down which one is the offending plugin that prevents me from compiling... its driving me insane... whats wierd is... I can compile it on my laptop, but not my desktop and both are windows 10... and I am using ubot ES (same idea as ubot launcher but made by pash) to load them so that only the plugins in use are active... I dont know what the conflict is:/
  2. Apparently 2 months = ASAP?
  3. as much hoopla they made about this, then they basically just leave everybody hanging... THANKS UBOT! Glad you have OUR best interests in mind here making sure nobody can use these valuable tools,,,
  4. What is current version of this? all I could find is my payment reciept from ages ago and no download link in my email. I have 2.1.0 is that thje current version? Was hoping maybe the issue with the blank fields causing no results would be fixed by now in ubot 5.
  5. 23/54 on virustotal??? https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/7cd9c90816f5a2efc7012e3eaed9a9cab71d9903246f541fbaaaeccb42432378/analysis/1449850810/
  6. Ok, had a chance to play with this a little, and thought I'd throw out a quick review: For anyone sitting on the fence, I'd jump on this deal NOW! I own ssub already and I like it too, but this thing has alot more capabilities. The table editor part alone is worth the price! It can be used to create simple interfaces for your quicky bots, or really complex multi-layered ui's that can be setup like a "Wizard" with multiple steps and be able to fit alot more options into a smaller ui by being able to make a multi-step process out of it... These are the reasons I bought it. I recommend ssub als
  7. K cool, I'll pick this up in a couple weeks when I have more time to play with it. Got a project I gotta get out the door asap so I'll just use my existing UI for the moment, but this looks like I could do alot more of what I want to do, which is have a sort of "Wizard" interface to make it easier for end users. Thanks
  8. Thanks, yea, I do have an ExBrowser license and all that, and I used to get emails from you all the time with the new updates, but I have not got one in a while and there have been new versions since the last email I got. You manually created my license SOMEWHERE, I just dont know where or how to login... I just have a key. I will pm you about it.
  9. I currently use ssub but this looks really great, but I want to make sure it can do main thing I use a lot and that is setting an onchange event to trigger a define from a dynamic dropdown. I don't see this in the videos of the dropdown. Can it do it from within the interface or would I have to manually add it to the code to make that work? Also can I use on 2pc like Ubot so I can have on my desktop and laptop?
  10. thanks. this would be awesome and exactly what I need right now, but I cant get the addon to work in my chrome. It installs, I click the icon, but I dont get things turning yellow etc to show things at all??? Nevermind, it was conflicting with a different xpath selector app I had installed. Removed it and it works now. Thanks!
  11. Dan, how would I go about getting to this license server to download this? I am a carryover from communication plugin, I went to the url for the licensing server of json path builder but it doesnt show my exbrowser in there under my email login.
  12. I'd like to get this, but not something I do alot of so I cant bring myself to justify the cost. If you can do like you did with the json path builder (which I bought) and offer a 1pc licence or something for around what I paid for that (37 I think I paid) I'd buy it... or if you want to pm me a coupon code or something bringing it to around that price since I've bought several of your items in the past, that would be great. if not, its cool... just throwing it out there:)
  13. Not sure what issues this was supposed to fix, but didn't seem to help me any unfortunately.
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