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  1. I have same problem. Problem with few my gmail accounts, with one is all working fine. So problem is not with browser, but with account security settings. I put exactly the same settings in other accounts with which works, but unfortunately message same persist. I don't know what to do. In youtube videos I found that need to disable 2 factor auth and allow less secure apps under my account settings: https://myaccount.google.com/security maybe for someone it will work, but for me - not. Maybe someone have any ideas? Or even better - solutions?
  2. Good idea, but where download ubot 5.9.55 version? OMFG, that worked! I reinstalled several my servers due to this, but didn't worked. Thank you!
  3. Hi when I compile with Chrome 21 - everything works. But when I compile with Chrome 67 - it always show "Loading..." - pic below. deleted all data from User>AppData>Roaming>Ubot Studio but that didn't helped. Where could be problem? Any ideas except reinstalling win? Specs: Ubot pro 6.0.4 Windows 10 .Net framework 4.7 (+just reinstalled but didn't helped).
  4. Hello I want to autologin to gmail with prior loaded cookies. When I signed in, I can save all cookies to local file. Then I clear cookies, and then set them again - after reload gmail or any other website don't authorize me. This functions don't work, or I did something wrong, or due to https? But if https, then I don't believe, because chrome/firefox automatically sign in to my emails, so I want to believe ubot can do the same. set(#all_cookies,$get all cookies,"Global") save to file("C:\\cookies.txt",#all_cookies) clear cookies create table from file("C:\\cookies.txt",&cookies) se
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