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Please help me get Advance Captcha plugin working with ReCaptcha V2❗️ almost works

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I've been trying to get this to work for house now lol and can not figure it out, please help.  I don't see one working example of captcha input on this whole site.


I can get this Advanced Captcha plugin (.dll Advanced Captcha Plugin ATTACHED) to work with 2captcha.com on the demo site at: 


BUT I can only get it to work because on that demo site the ReCaptcha is wrapped in:

<form id="recaptcha-demo-form" method="POST"> </form>

Here is the .ubot code that work on the first above demo site:

set(#sitKey,$trim to between(#captcha_url),"Global")
set(#GoogleSiteKey,$find regular expression($scrape attribute(<title="recaptcha widget">,"src"),"(?<=anchor\\?k=).*(?=&co=)"),"Global")
clear list(%Debug)
add list to list(%Debug,$plugin function("Advanced Captcha.dll", "$2captcha.com recaptcha", #twoCaptchaAPIkey, #siteKey, #url, "", "", 30, 120, "", "", "", "V2"),"Delete","Global")
change attribute(<id="g-recaptcha-response">,"value",$list item(%Debug,1))
comment("__________ to post to ReCaptcha with <form> tag I can use 1 of the 2 below __________")
run javascript("document.getElementById('recaptcha-demo-form').submit();")
click(<value="submit">,"Left Click","No")

Can anyone please please help me get it working on any site where ReCaptcha v2 IS NOT wrapped in a <form></form> tags?

Like here at this demo site:  https://nopecha.com/demo/recaptcha

Advanced Captcha.dll

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