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6.7 installation failure

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Brand new laptop, windows 11 downgraded to windows 10

there is literally nothing else installed on the computer 

installed UBot 6.7

did a small two line bot and it compiled 

started in stalling plug-ins by automaxed

got five installed and it would not compile anymore 

shutdown ubot

rebooted the computer

Now the drop down menu es do not populate 


HELP please

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I have no idea.

this is a new laptop windows11

installed UBot 5.9

net 4.5 installed

Visual Basic 64 installed

automax plugins installed

Am browser automation

Am  data& files automation

amdata base automation

am desktop automation

am dialogs extention

am document automation

am email automation

am images automation

am network automation

am os automation

am time and date automation

am UBot extention 1 & 2

am video automation

am apps automation

5.9 would not compile

First thought was 5.9 was not being supported anymore.

i Instaled 6.7 and drop-down did not populate

thought it was a conflict between UBot and windows 11

downgrade to windows 10

reinstalled all the above still 5.9 would not compile

6.7 drop downs did not populate

wiped the drive reinstalled windows 10 without net 4.5 

without Visual Basic

reinstalled UBot 6.7

drop downs pooulated

small bot compiled

started adding the plugins 

attempted to compile , clicked the button and nothing happened

rebooted computer, restarted UBot, drop-down did not populate 

attempted to run 5.9 executable drum an external drive with plugins installed , get the error (413 payload to large)


that’s how far I’ve gotten






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If there are errors occurring when you run UBot Studio without plugins, it's our top priority to get on top of it and get it working again.

We don't have access to the source code of the plugins and we can't debug them. It's possible that plugins will contain errors, and this is what it sounds like is happening in your case. When this happens, the best thing to do is contact the developer of the plugin.

We want to help, but we didn't create the plugins, so there's no way for us to fix the errors that they raise.



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I understand that.

what do you suggest that is this Natalies on the machine when installing either 5.9 or 6.7

like net 4.5 ( or it equivalent , I believe the latest release is net 6.0)

and Visual Basic releas (?)

any suggestions 

I’ve reached out to the automaxed plug-in people but after 2 days I’ve yet to hear from them

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