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Will uBot 5 run on windows 10 x64 emulation for ARM64? (on new MacBook M1 ARM chip)

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Hi I was wondering if uBot will run on windows x64 emulation for ARM64?  Reason I ask, I am using an a new MacBook Air with the new ARM M1 chip so I need to run uBot in a virtual machine running windows 10 ARM.

Is there anyway to download a demo of Ubot to test if it works?
Let me know, thank you.

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On 1/16/2021 at 7:55 AM, Secretus said:

I do not think this is possible.

UBot Studio is based on x86 (32 bit)

I just wanted to take a moment to concur with this reply. Absent some sort of software layer that can interface between 32 bit and 64 bit, it's unclear that any native 64 bit system will be able to interface with UBot Studio as it's currently designed.

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Posted (edited)

Actually I got it running for a few years now on MacBook Air M1 Arm 64 processor so it will run on Apple silicone m1/m2/m3...

Just install:  Windows 11 ARM version on your Parallels Desktop

Install: Visual C++ 2015-2022 x86 (important that its x86 version)

And it will run.

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