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Ui Html Change Variable By Jquery Or Js

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I'm not sure if this can be done...


I have an UI HTML panel width some inputs like <input id="id1" variable="#var1" filwith="value"> in the same panel there is even a jquery code which dynamically will change the value of "id1", the script change correctly the input and the new value is visible for half second but after that the input come back to the original value, in the debugger the variable doesn't change at all.


Is there a way to change dynamically the value of a variable in UI html panel using javascript or jquery?

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This happened all the time if you use external files (css/js), already reported, not fixed yet.


The only way is to use local assets, or type it directly in your code. If you don't want to see some ugly minified jquery, you can save it as anything encrypted & distribute the file along with your exe, and load it when your bot executed by the user.

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