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Suggestions For When Your Bot Slows Down

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Hello Everyone,



I was curious if anyone has any suggestions on what you can do to ensure that you bot continues to run at the same speeds that it did when you originally started it. I'm currently using TJ's plugin (OS Commands -"free memory plugin") and it is great at what it does but for some reason the bot starts to slow down little by little after about 24 hours of running non-stop.  I think that it may have something to do with the browser.exe but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions on how to best figure this out or as anyone else ran into this same problem?



I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.



Thank you,




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Number one thing to watch out for is how you are programming. What variables are you using and how are you calling defines. I do know that ubot naturally slows down as it runs, but I've also observed that how you program has a pretty big impact on this too. Try to modularize your code as much as possible.


In other words, try to get all your functions into defines and get them out of the first folder in ubot. Store them in secondary folders. Other things will come with experience.


I've personally got a few bots that are pretty complex that will run for some time with little slowdown and I do like to use TJ's plugin too.



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When I have a long running program, I like to setup logging of timestamps. I set it up so the logging is easily turned off once I figure out what is consuming the bulk of the time.

Then, like Frank said, I try to optimize the code that is part of the biggest time consuming part of the program.

Eliminating unneeded commands is always good and making sure that you don't include commands that increase in time as the program runs is also good. (Like a table never cleared which gets larger and larger)


I hope this helps!!


Andy (Arunner26)

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