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Huge Bot - How To Reduce Code

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Hi, i have a huge bot. Core of the code is not so huge, it is like few lines. But menu and check boxes are huge.


I have a menu with 1000 items and then if the selected option is checked (true) i add it to list or load a txt file. So for each item in my menu i have If command and If command have minimum 6 lines. So you do math and see 6 lines x 1000 items = 6000 lines.




I know someone can give me some idea how to reduce the code.

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Hmmm, read file sounds good. But i dont know how to load read file into a bot. I know to use $read_file but i dont know how to load a code or file inside a code area. Was checking the commands and only thing that load is load html command and i dont think this will load inside the bot code.


Can you give me a example or command name with which i can read a file and then the content of the file will be inserted as code inside the bot.



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