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[FREE PLUGIN] MD5 Hash Generator

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I'm sharing a FREE UBot Plugin which will allow you to generate MD5 hash value inside UBot Studio.


Plugin will add 2 new functions:

  • "$MD5 from string" returns a hash value of a string,
  • "$MD5 from file" returns a hash value of a file.



For more information about the plugin and how to download it please visit this my blog page.  Direct download


Hopefully you like the plugin and it will help you to make better bots.

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I've got it already - thanks mate, GREAT addition to UBS...

nice plugin bud... 

Great Job man !

Nice Plugin !


Thanks, I'm glad you like it.



does this plugin could be implemented on Jenkin hash mate..? thanks for sharing :)

I guess it would be possible, but it's not that straight forward as it is for MD5. I read on Wikipedia that "Jenkins hash functions are a collection...", so I'm also not sure what are you referring to exactly. Fell free to PM here on forum and we can discuss details, so we don't go off-topic here.

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Thanks for adding it, I actually wanted to contact you about that.


Thank you

Np. More are coming soon.

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Another great function to this plugin would be a reverse MD5 hash.

There is no revers algorithm for MD5, you can only use rainbow tables to "decrypt" it. Also, if salt is used, tables won't help you...

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Just a thought, could you add the option of using a salt please?


Thanks in advance incase you can :)

You can just append salt to original string, so ubot code would look like:

set(#hash, $plugin function("MD5.dll", "$MD5 from string", "{#string}{#salt}"), "Global")

or in reversed order:

set(#hash, $plugin function("MD5.dll", "$MD5 from string", "{#salt}{#string}"), "Global")

(where UBot variable "#string" is your data you want to encrypt and "#salt" is the salt you want to use.


It's also written here: http://ubotdev.com/md5-hash-generator but I'll replace it with actual Ubot code (above), so it will be more obvious.

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