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  1. I haven't found a way around, I have to wait for the page to load, and then run javascript to stop the player. Is there a way to NOT wait for navigate command to completely load the page, but wait for that with "wait for" command? (I know selenium has an implicitly_wait wait option, is that one enabled?)
  2. Is there a command to prevent flash in browsers or somehow disable video before page loads? Navigate command seems to be active all the time until the page is fully loaded, so removing video after that is kind of late... Edit: I've hidden the video by using JavaScript. It would be really nice if you would give is control over waiting for the page to load (if selenium allows that, don't remember), instead of "navigate" command doing that for us.
  3. I figured out that the problem was in this command: plugin command("Advanced Ubot.dll", "config ui html panel", "True", "False", 0, 230) If I change Width to NaN the UI works, so width = 0 seems to be problematic (although it worked with one of the previous versions of the plugin).
  4. There are only 2 commands inside on load: -determine window size min/max -splash screen Removed both of them and same happens. I've noticed that UI dissapears after I start the bot in v4 and v5 compiled bot, but it seems to work in UBot Studio v5. Becasue it happens in both I guess it's a plugin fault. Will now check other commands that get ran when I start it... Edit:I think it's actually some of the HTML code inside UI that causes it (it only happens if bot is started via UI button, works when starting it with Run button)... (although it worked before I added the plugin in both, v4 and v
  5. Having a strange problem after updating the plugin and I can't figure out which command is causing it. For some reason UI (custom HTML) dissapears once I start it: http://screencast.com/t/ukTPCCiXW Any idea why? (same happens in compiled version as well)
  6. I know, seems like it's working now. I've noticed that the code doesn't load only for Chrome 39, but works OK with 21 (I only noticed that ubot's "splash page" doesn't load). I'm able to load other source codes, so I first thought it's this plugin, but I guess it may also be anything else. Will have to research this and come back later. Thanks for your fast replies/support.
  7. I keep getting the error that I've mentioned above: http://screencast.com/t/Qeam0iB3cD ...so I can't even use it now. I will update here once I find out which command is preventing it to open.
  8. Thanks. was able to retrieve credentials, login and download. However, I'm still having some problems opening the code in UBot v5, it just freezes and never loads the code while it works in v4. While I call this plugin from "on load" I think it may be this plugin that's preventing it to open. Any idea why would that happen? I hoped that update will help but it didn't.
  9. All download URLs that I have are broken; where can I get the latest version of your plugin? Is there a version that works OK in v5?
  10. Dyvel, I think the only way to achieve that is to run an extra thread that would be checking that variable value and execute some code if needed. UBot and neither any of the plugins (as far as I know) support events and triggers.
  11. Forgot to post this yesterday, another bug discovered by Darryl (where Ubot variable didn't get updated on applying text/background color) was fixed so the code was updated again (for those already using it make sure you have the latest one). Are you sure it worked? I'm pretty sure it didn't during my testing... It could be that you've used the latest version where that was fixed. Anyway, it works now, so it doesn't really matter.
  12. Great to hear (btw, that solution was already posted on this forum a while ago). Anyway, whenever you have some problems with a web page not appearing as it should, the first thing you should try is changing the user agent.
  13. You have quite a lot of "bugs" in your code. 1st: You are not initializing UBot variable #row, so it would most likely have a blank value. 2nd: You only need to load table once, therefore you shouldn't have it in a loop. 3rd: To pull login details you need to tell from which row, but you are always using row 0 (you have number zero hard-coded) 4th: You are always setting table column 0 to value "", meaning that #login variable would have the same value, "". So here is the fixed code: clear table(&Accounts) create table from file("C:\\Users\\Peter\\Desktop\\Accounts.csv", &Accounts
  14. Maybe changing the user agent to "Safari" will help?
  15. Most likely the code for that would be different for every page; so for which page you need that? Usually you would use "scrape attribute" command to store URL in a variable, then check if it was scraped successfully and after that add it to the table.
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