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[Solved]Problems on Youtube, flash not installed

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When trying to get to youtube inside ubot I get the following message:


The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.

Get the latest Flash Player

Learn more about upgrading to an HTML5 browser


Now I have installed Flash and IE tells me it is running fine. In fact when I try and goto youtube in the browser it works fine.


Win Server 2008R2

IE 9.08

Latest Flash installed.


Thanks for your help.


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Thanks all, no joy here.


Tried switching agents to IE9m Safari, Chrome and even Firefox.


I am wondering if there is some kind of security thing in place that would stop the IE session from ubot running anywhere outside a normal browser session.


Seems to work fine when I select Android.

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Did some more digging around and found that if I goto this page:





UNder the section "What does my browser support" within a ubot browser - irrespective of the user agent - I have Video Tag ticked, but h.264 and WebM unticked.


So I went and installed



But this brings no joy either.


However if I go and open proper browser sessions, EG IE9 I get the told that my browser supports Video Tag, H.264 and WebM.


What's that all about then!!

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Glad you got it sorted out.


Threads like this can help others identify possible problems with different systems. Seems like there is alot of threads around here similar to this one.


Maybe somebody could make one big thread of possible solutions to the different problems scattered around the forum... Just an idea

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This thread has been pinned. Thanks ninja for the solution! http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif



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