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[Full-Time Job Posting] Hiring SEO Automation Expert

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Link Emperor is looking to hire a full-time SEO automation expert to automate a wide variety of SEO-related tasks through the use of macros and appropriate software, as well as continuing to ensure that those automated tasks run properly over time


This is a full-time, work-from-home, choose-your-own-hours position.



Link Emperor’s Story


Link Emperor sells subscription-based software services for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our software is used by hundreds of SEO agencies, internal SEO departments, individual online marketers and more. Additionally, our software serves as a conduit for our customers to purchase the link building services of other SEO firms (our vendor partners).


Our software has been in development for over a year, and has been available to the public since August 2011.



That’s where you come in.


You’ll be working with one of our independent brands to automate link building processes, either by writing automation around existing SEO Software tools such as Scrapebox, or by building bots from scratch. End result should be a program that can automatically pull in new link building orders, build those links, and submit a report back to the Link Emperor interface.


Additionally, we need someone who can procure and manage a network of servers for these processes to run. We need someone familiar with obtaining and maintaining proxies, VPSs, VPNs, etc. that are required for automated processes.


Our passion is in twofold: first systematize and then scale. We are searching for someone who shares that value. If a system works, then why not duplicate it and handle twice the load!


The best way to stand out in our applicant pool is to have an established post history at a forum site like Warrior Forum, Digital Point, StackOverflow, UbotStudios Forum, AutoIt Forums, etc. We’d love to be able to see the interactions and knowledge you possess and share.



What makes this opportunity unique?


Work from home. There’s nothing I hate more than commuting. So, we don’t have an office and would definitely like to avoid having one for as long as possible. If you have a family at home, move between locations, or even live abroad, this is a great opportunity to do all your work from home and stop wasting all that time on commuting. It’s like getting 2 free hours added back to your day.


Choose your own hours. As long as you’re available to work at least 5 days a week and a total of 40 hours during the week, you can shuffle around your work schedule as you see fit (within reason). Work 2 hours, then run and take the kids to lunch, come back and work another 3 hours, and then put in another 3 hours before bed.


Stability. Link Emperor is bootstrapped, profitable, adequately capitalized, and debt-free. We have a sizable and rapidly growing base of customers, vendor partners, and affiliates, so we’re always going to need customer support.


Mentorship and training. Co-founders Kevin and Bobby also run a popular Business and Marketing podcast called Gangster Profit (Gangster Profit: How to Run Your Business Like a Gangster). Working for us means you can be a part of how we make business decisions and formulate strategy. We also promise to take all of your input seriously, meaning you’ll have a real ability to shape the future of the business.


Also, we’re pretty well connected in the Internet Marketing community, so you’ll get to meet some pretty big names just by hanging out with us.


And of course, you’ll learn a ton about SEO! While we’d like to keep you forever if you’re good, if you do part ways from us, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned to your next Internet Marketing job or even your own company.



Ok, give me this job.


If you’re excited about expanding our automated link building services while enjoying the perks of a work-at-home job at a great company, please submit yourself for consideration.


Our application form asks for a resume and optional cover letter as well as some additional relevant questions. Please make sure to complete all sections of the application.


To apply, go here:

Link Emperor SEO Automation Job Application


If you have any questions, send us a PM here or submit our contact form at:

Contact Us | Link Emperor

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