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  1. Link Emperor is looking to hire a full-time SEO automation expert to automate a wide variety of SEO-related tasks through the use of macros and appropriate software, as well as continuing to ensure that those automated tasks run properly over time This is a full-time, work-from-home, choose-your-own-hours position. Link Emperor’s Story Link Emperor sells subscription-based software services for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our software is used by hundreds of SEO agencies, internal SEO departments, individual online marketers and more. Additionally, our software serves as
  2. Hey, sorry I haven't replied to this, forgot to put the thread on watch and lost track of it. Glad you guys are interested! Let me know if you need any more info, or you can always email me at robert at linkemperor.com. Some of our link builders are easily making a couple hundred bucks a week offering various services and we'd love to have more of you guys! Bobby
  3. Hey guys! If this is in the wrong part of the forum, just let me know or feel free to move it to the proper area. But hopefully this is a welcome post. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Ubot and have made a lot of bots myself, but for the past few months I've been working on launching a new software called Link Emperor with my business partner which is a keyword management & link building SEO tool. We provide automated linkbuilding services to hundreds of customers, and it's about to get a lot more insane. The software is really taking off these days, and now that we have a lot of customer
  4. Awesome! Thanks a ton Kreatus. Definitely wouldn't have thought of the "click link" command for those dropdowns. SailorJerry
  5. Looking back into the AOL.com bots, for some reason I cannot figure out how to fill their dropdown boxes. I can get through the first page of their signup, but the second page's dropdowns (Date of Birth Month, and Set a Security Question) are giving me a lot of trouble. Any advice on those would be greatly appreciated. I'm attaching my bot if anyone would like to take a look. Also, here's the AOL account creation page: https://new.aol.com/productsweb AOL Account Creator 2.ubot Thanks! SailorJerry
  6. I will say that I learned a ton by following Praney's Hotmail creator script, which might help you as well - Hotmail account creator SailorJerry
  7. I would also be interested in this. I just started looking into creating an AOL account bot last night.
  8. I'm down in San Diego. 25 years old here. SailorJerry
  9. Thanks a lot man! This is awesome. I'm definitely learning a lot, I took what you sent me and fixed a bug and then added some more pages for it to scrape so it gets a nice little list of 15-20 working proxies at the end. I attached if you're interested. Thanks again! ProxyScraper.ubot
  10. Thanks Kreatus! The tough thing about this is that I also need the ports, and I only want the ones of type "High Anon" - the third cell in each row. I simply can't think of a way to separate all of those things out. Specifically, I need them to be in a list in the format "IP Address":"Port" (without the quotes) Is this just a lot for Ubot to manage? It just seems a little quirky in the way it deals with tables. Thanks again for the help, SailorJerry
  11. Hey Guys, I'm brand new, have watched all the tutorials and now I'm working on my first bot of my own. I've been trying to scrape a list of proxies off this damn webpage for about 3 hours now lol, but I can't seem to figure out how to single out the proxies from the other TD tags because there aren't many distinct identifiers. I only want to scrape the proxies and the ports that are of type "High Anon". Here's the website: http://www.mrhinkydink.com/proxies.htm Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've about given up hope, but figured I'd post something here anyway so I m
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