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"Cannot deserialize JSON object into type 'System.Boolean' error" occurs when using "scrape attribute"

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I am having this problem occasionally with Ubot4.0.100. I installed UBOT on one desktop(win xp) and one laptop(win xp), both computers had the same error. The first time I encounter this problem was when I used a compiled bot to scrape some images out of a website(the bot is huge with lots of sub tasks, scraping images is just one of them), I used loop>add list to list(scrape attribute) to scrape the URLs of these images, then downloaded them to my computer. The bot was running smoothly until at one point it just looped without scraping any image at all.

Then I tried to figure this out by looking into its script, and found out that the problem was due to "scrape attribute" parameter. Sometimes it just stop working properly, for example, when I use the "<>"selector to select an element on the webpage, it's OK, but when I hit the gear icon next to "<>"icon to revise the selector, an error message pops up "Cannot deserialize JSON object into type 'System.Boolean'". I have to restart UBOT to fix this problem, but the error still keeps coming up occasionally, and the compiled bot never work properly.

The weird thing is, in xxx.ubot file, sometimes it works fine and sometimes it shows this error message. and in xxx.exe file, the bot never complete scraping all images as I wanted.

Does anyone know the reason and how should I fix it? Is this a bug that’s been fixed in Ubot new version? Or is it because my bot is huge with hundreds of steps and lots of loop/if structure which sometimes “confuse†the bot? any suggestions would be appreciated!

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