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  1. I am having this problem occasionally with Ubot4.0.100. I installed UBOT on one desktop(win xp) and one laptop(win xp), both computers had the same error. The first time I encounter this problem was when I used a compiled bot to scrape some images out of a website(the bot is huge with lots of sub tasks, scraping images is just one of them), I used loop>add list to list(scrape attribute) to scrape the URLs of these images, then downloaded them to my computer. The bot was running smoothly until at one point it just looped without scraping any image at all. Then I tried to figure thi
  2. Hi, I am new to regular expression, but in Ubot 4, I was trying to process a piece of text, for example: The sky (is blue, leaves are green) and the (wind) is blowing I want to replace all texts in the brackets with something like ***, so the new text will look like this: The sky *** and the *** is blowing I use replace regular expression, and the regular expression is \(.*\), however, the result is: The sky *** is blowing apparently, the regular expression only recognize the very first opening bracket ( and the very last closing bracket ), everything between them are replaced with
  3. Thanks a2mateit, finally, I can reply to this post, I've already uploaded the bot, could anyone with experience in adwords interface look into the bot and tells me which step is wrong, thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, I am wondering if other members had this same problem with Google Adwords keyword tool. I found downloading csv files very tricky.I am currently using Ubot 4 standard edition (without “scrape table†function), I tried to create a keyword research bot that can automatically download csv files, but the bot failed to download the file each and every time. I tried “save downloaded file†function, but the downloaded csv file is just a blank worksheet.I also found that downloading the csv file manually in Ubot’s browser had the same problem, all downloaded csv files
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