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Found 12 results

  1. Ubotplugin.com End of Business Good day Ubot community. Over the last 9 years I invested a lot of time in developing the plugins. I hope that it was of good use for all of you. Only in the last months you did not hear much from me anymore. This has some reasons: Because of inevitable personal and health reasons I am no longer able to sell and provide plugins or to work on the code anymore. The license servers run out of payment in the end. Sorry for the inconvenience. My plugins (Ubotplugin.com) have reached the products end of life cycle with me now. Ubotplugin.com will become
  2. Greetings, I am working on a project where I want to trigger commands based on an item being placed in a certain spot on my table. I have a webcam pointed at the spot and the item that will be placed has a bright solid color that will be easily detected. My biggest challenge right now is making it possible for Ubot Studio to access my webcam video. I have tried embedding the video on an html page, then navigating to the page in Ubot but the embedded video only shows a grey box and no option to allow. I am using the tutorial here for embedding the video: Accessing Your Webcam in HTML5
  3. Is it possible to play videos in ui html panel? Thanks.
  4. Hello...i have some problems with the video commands...only works in the uBot program. After compiling the program does not work anymore. Which should be the problem?
  5. Hello, today i'v made the update to uBot Sutudio 5.9.55 which says that have added a lot of audio commands. After the update i realized that I could not find none of the new commands and tot even the video commands which i has able to use before. I have a professional licence and i am subscribed to updates too ... i can use the public bank but i can't find these commands? Can anyone help me please?
  6. http://i.imgur.com/zOyQwLX.jpg Hey mates, if you want to learn a new method on how to run a multithreaded browser operation to get Links and Scrape those at the same time, choosing how many browsers you want open with different commands using Local variables. What you will learn: Creating "Commands" with parameters. Reverse Engineer a website for being able to scrape it. (manta.com) Multithreading using Browser (you choose how many browser might operate scraping links or data from links. Tricks for faking being other computers and referrer. Basics for Regular expressions (email, phone, links
  7. Hello, lately i have tested the video commands from UBot Extended Library for one of my projects. I founded the add audio to video command, but this one replaces the original audio from the video with the new one... I only want to add a background music to my videos...is it possible to achieve this? Keep the original audio and overlap the second one with lower volume?
  8. I have ubot studio 5.9.43, is there a free plugin to create video thumbnails i could use. I need to create thumbnails whose videos come from a different place than youtube.
  9. Hello- Do you know of any RECENT uBot videos on youtube? What are some good ubot youtube channels? Thanks!
  10. Hello guys I want to sell a secret bot for youtuber's, its a bot to bypass mp3 copyright music, a few people have been getting thousand of dollar from youtube using this bot by making a full album video and monetized on youtube.( Try search "full album" on youtube) but the bots remain secret until today, I decided to sell it for 6 License Only. to all my ubot community. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lkkk2a-UkbA/VopNNOLZ0lI/AAAAAAAADzM/ZTbKaxMWo18/s1600/Screenshot_5.jpg >>>>>>> VIDEO DEMO <<<<<<< >>>>>> SAMPLE VIDEO <<&l
  11. In this webcast, the author of "Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers", Michael Schrenck, talks about the creation of web bots. Michael uses other tools (PHP / cURL) to create his robots, but his methodology and techniques are quite interesting and can be applied to robots created with UBot Studio. Video: Schrenck's Website: http://webbotsspidersscreenscrapers.com/
  12. Hey guys Im trying to download videos from youtube with my bot, with no success. I dont want to embed them. Only download. Anybody did that before?? There is alot of sites that I can use like savemedia.com, keeptube.com etc. But I want to do it with my bot. Please help me guys
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