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Found 10 results

  1. http://77thcloud.com/guihero/salesthread/gh.jpg You will be hard pressed to find a more user friendly tool that enables you to create ubot GUI's as quick and as easy as what GUI Hero does! Plus GUI Hero is packed with more features and elements than you will find in any other tool! http://77thcloud.com/guihero/salesthread/hero1.png http://77thcloud.com/guihero/salesthread/hero2.png Other than ubot's default UI Editor, GUI Hero is the only tool that features TRUE drag and drop functionality for ubot GUI creation! Screenshot of GUI Hero: http://77thcloud.com/guihero/salesthread/h
  2. Hey there fellow UBotters, .. Im having a crisis and hoping that someone can shed some light on something for me What i am trying to do is so simple its annoying, .. I have a listbox in a UI HTML "Panel" which Im trying to make "Multi selection", now i am painfully aware that only 1 value can/will be passed via the UBot variable set within the listbox code, and indeed using javascript, a browser and "console.log()" have it exactly how i want it, .. perfect right ? ... NOPE I didnt think it would initially be a problem as i have used exactly the same process to extract/pass variab
  3. Is it possible to play videos in ui html panel? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have a simple example for you, maybe someone is able to help me understand how I can make something change in Ui Html Panel. Thank you! on load("Bot Loaded") { set(#variable_here,1,"Global") } ui html panel("<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <p><strong><font size=\"13\" color=\"red\">{#variable_here}</font></strong></p> </body> </html>",200) set(#variable_here,"NEW TEXT HERE","Global")
  5. I know there are ways to add images to the ui html panel, but these are normally background images. Does anyone know how to add clickable images inside the ui html panel, so that if a user click on the image it will visit the URL in the user's default browser? *This is about adding clickable images inside the ui html panel, and not in the "load html", because that, I do know how to do already. Thank you for your support.
  6. Occasionally I use the UI HTML Panel to display important information about that session but I can't seem to get it to work inside a new browser. Is this possible? If not, is there another method to display important info about the session in a new browser? For example: define runmain(#user, #pass) { thread { in new browser { ui html panel("<h2>{#user} - {#pass}</h2>", 150) wait(5) navigate("***site removed***", "Wait") wait for element($element offset(<email field>, 0), "", "Appear") type text($ele
  7. UI Builders "Ubot 5" Gradient Theme Pack Light Weight Gradients used for Improved performance on your larger Bots, only 14-20 Kb Each 5 Simple Gradient Themes for $20, Have a Look. . . http://i.troll.ws/e7bba402.jpg The Ubot5 Theme To Celebrate the Arrival of Ubot5 The only one to have an Image on the left top. Under 20 Kb http://i.troll.ws/e612ddea.jpg Ubot 5 style with no image only gradient. Under 15 Kb http://i.troll.ws/89577b60.jpg Dark Gradient Under 13 Kb http://i.troll.ws/196bc0ee.jpg Grey Gradient Under 15 Kb http://i.troll.ws/90d5d236.jpg Dark B
  8. Hi, I'm looking to buy a ui html listbox implementation where I can dynamically load one listbox and be able to copy any selected contents to a second listbox. I also want to be able to delete any selected entries on the second listbox and also want to save whatever entries exist on the second listbox. It's probably easier to understand if you see this example: Javascript Listbox Implementation I will need full source code for this. Please PM me with your questions and bids. Thanks -samcro
  9. Is this possible? Can anyone share how to do this if it is possible? I have a block text area to paste a list into. I would like a stat monitor to display the number of lines in the list when the list is pasted into the block text area. I know this is possible with the regular ui stat monitor, but how do I get this to work with the ui html panel?
  10. *Free* Drag & Drop UI Builder I have decided to offer my original Drag & Drop UI Builder for free. This is the original version and does not have any css or jquery styling, it is straight html only, and does not include any of the features that have since been added to UI Builder Lite or UI Builder Pro. Click Here to see UI Builder Lite & Pro Features Click Here to download the Free Drag & Drop UI Builder Cheers, Darryl.
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