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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to split the defines into many .ubot files and use "include" function to load it to the main bot (to speed up ubot when coding), but i have just found that if i edit/add/update a define of the child .ubot file, and run "include", it will not update the define to the main bot unless restart ubot. It do not make sense to keep restarting ubot to get the update. Anyone have a workaround? I tried pash "Advance ubot" >> "run ubot code", but it cant read .ubot file directly, anyone know how to read .ubot file as a variable or convert it into text?
  2. I occasionally have a few open spots a month for coding services. If you have been wanting to get something done and haven't had the time yourself Or your not sure how to accomplish something, or just needing a little help. I've helped a great deal of people in this community, and looking to offer this help if your needing it. Send me a message on Skype: emw-dgn Email: admin | at | botguru.net I can build the compiled exe for you, or source code to your requirements. Look forward to speaking to you TJ
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dWp8dmnqdX4 Ubot V4 and V5 Compatible Source Code The idea behind this is to provide people with documented source code and try to make their life easier, if you want to improve it even more then i suggest that you get aymens http plugin and replace the navigate node for his page scrape. The reason we did not do this in the first place is that this works without any plugins needed for those who want it like that. Enjoy.
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