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Found 5 results

  1. UbotLocker "UNLEASHED" 20+ NEW FEATURES UBOTSTUDIO + UBOTLOCKER = $$$$$$$ http://www.backlinkping.com/ubot/1-home.png - http://www.backlinkping.com/ubot/2-gateways.png SYSTEM Upgrades · SMTP support to send emails · ZAXAA payment gateway · API support to use other licensing alternatives · improved dashboard to monitor statistics for total projects, total licenses (all projects / active), total activations (all projects), total transactions (all projects), total revenues (sold only) · support for other licensing solutions to be used for
  2. Guys i ran into an issue trying to install Ubot locker to new server well new hoster EDIT: actually i was able to install it but i seem to be missing the "Update.php" file when i enter my credentials i get the 503 error "Webpage is not functioning"
  3. http://www.ubotem.com/banners/LicenseBundle-MOD-UBOTEM.gif http://www.ubotem.com/banners/downloadinstantly.gif This mod is designed for Ubot Developers… ** You MUST have UNLEASHED already installed and setup working first!!! ** ** Software Tool is now version 2 - Rebuilt by UBOTEM & BOTGURU ** OK first of all lets make sure you know what this MOD does.... IN A NUTSHELL... WITH THIS MOD INSTALLED: When someone buys your bundle item they will receive only one email (that you can customise like normal in UbotLocker/Unleashed), and they will get one license key that wi
  4. I made a sale on JVZoo today (first one) of a bot that is protected by Ubot Locker and everything went fine with the sale, but the customer was not sent out the email from noreply@mydomain.com with the Ubot Locker license key. I then ran a JVZoo test sale for $0.01 and the same thing happened (sale transacted fine but no license key email was sent out) Can anyone give me some guidance on how to troubleshoot the JVZoo process? In my JVZoo product information in the External Program Integration, there is information in both the Method #1 JVZIPN URL as well as Method #3 PayPal IPN Forwardin
  5. FREE UBot Locker API To Manage Licenses UBot Locker App iPhone app now available on the app store! More here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ubot-locker-app/id915982044?ls=1&mt=8 This API is for the UBot Locker System. I have created this API file so you can manage licenses within the locker system and integrate applications. The reason I have created this file is because I am developing an iPhone application so you can manage licenses via the iPhone app. If you want to show your appreciation to me for creating this API file you can donate here: http://lazybots.com/donate.ht
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