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Found 7 results

  1. As the title suggests, what happened to the plugin development? I haven't seen someone post on that thread in over 3 months. Another question is why hasn't someone made a nice tutorial on the subject. I would love to learn how to make some sweet plugins, then after that share them with the ubot community. I feel like if Ubot made a tutorial on it themselves, then ubot would be flooding with some sweet plugins. I would make tutorials on it but... I don't know how to make them, unfortunately. I feel like if Ubot made a tutorial on it themselves, then ubot would be flooding with some sweet
  2. http://i.imgur.com/zOyQwLX.jpg Hey mates, if you want to learn a new method on how to run a multithreaded browser operation to get Links and Scrape those at the same time, choosing how many browsers you want open with different commands using Local variables. What you will learn: Creating "Commands" with parameters. Reverse Engineer a website for being able to scrape it. (manta.com) Multithreading using Browser (you choose how many browser might operate scraping links or data from links. Tricks for faking being other computers and referrer. Basics for Regular expressions (email, phone, links
  3. ADD USER: emw-dgn Send me a message you would like to join the group. Nearly 200 members and growing. http://site-deals.com/images/button05.jpg
  4. Hi, i need someone, who could show me (teach me) how i can scrap data and download pictures from ebay shop (fastest way). please give me your price and how fast you could help me with this. I have developer license, http plugin, bot script fast, xpathbuilderbot, socket code generator. I am complete newbie. Thank you
  5. Bonus for sign up listed in a reply post below http://content.screencast.com/users/lowridertj/folders/Ubot%20Studio%20Resource%20-%20Site/media/064e332e-2a67-48b5-90e2-81fb00b11c60/Sales%20Thread%20forum%20post.png
  6. Hello UBotters, I just wanted to let you know that I have opened a new website called UBotDev, where I'll try to share my experiences. Hopefully you like the idea and I'll receive some support. I'll also be releasing some free plugins, starting the next week, so make sure you subscribe for latest news: http://UBotDev.com
  7. Today it just occurred to me that this forum lacks an external resources library or reference guide of sorts, for people looking at automation from (maybe) different standpoints. So here is this thread - please feel free to add what you guys read on other places, where you learn stuff, news, etc... This is NOT the place to write extended how to's or explain tips & tricks in detail, per se, but rather just what the links are about, in a few words, followed by the resource link itself. If you want to explain a new technique or have a tip or trick to share, open your own thread in the a
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