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Found 19 results

  1. Looking to see if any one can develop this for me for a reasonable payment. I am looking to develop a program that will auto send emails to a website's contact form page. It will have to the ability to upload a list of websites from a CSV file or other way, then automatically send a template email to each of the websites listed. It will have the ability to enter in captchas and send messages. This should be able to send as many emails as possible a day with no issues. So maybe using a VPN. This must be able to run on a MAC, or if you have any other ideas let me know. Thank y
  2. Hi, I bought Ubot standard edition, back in 2014 I think. Even though Ubot is supposed to be for the non-programmer, it always seemed too complicated to me, so I have never really used it. But I would like to try again. I need to replace a scraper program. I still have the setup files and the license key, but since the dev has gone out of business, it can't phone home to verify the license. And the computers I have it on have died. I have been watching some of the how-to videos on youtube, but I still don't have a clue what to do. I'm hoping that someone can sort of give me an outline of wh
  3. Hello guys.. As you know I am back to the UBot community thanks to the Exbrowser plugin, this made my life easier using UBot, its wonderful along SQLite from Aymens plugin. It allows you to create really nice reliable products. Im doing this courses because it reinforces my knowledges, I get to teach people and also I sell the courses along the source codes. People will be able to watch me go through programming, learning nobody is perfect and that sometimes the smallest and simple issues will give you great headaches cause you think is something more complex that you don't know. Hope
  4. GENERATE UNLIMITED B2B LEADS WITH YELLOW PAGES DATA EXTRACTION SOFTWARE Our Best Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software is simply the most powerful Yellow Pages Scraper on the market that will allow you to scrape unlimited B2B leads on complete auto pilot. Presently, our Yellow Pages Scraper is configured to work with UK, USA, Australia and Canada Yellow Pages. You can scrape Yellow Pages for one or more keywords. You can also choose what data you would like to scrape from Yellow Pages including Business Name, Email, Address, Telephone Number, Location, etc. The Yellow Pages Scraper will t
  5. http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/1202312_orig.png AliExpress and AliBaba two Major Retail Websites covering entire China and Europe as well as America Coast. http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/634945_orig.png Wanna know why are these two websites better than Amazon and E-bay?? Well they are Very Cheap,products are mostly made in china and Actually sold to Amazon and E-bay and then they simply add a bigger price to it and that is how they make $$$. http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/9007517_orig.png SO IF THEY CAN DO IT WHY CAN'T YOU?? Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a
  6. http://i.imgur.com/zOyQwLX.jpg Hey mates, if you want to learn a new method on how to run a multithreaded browser operation to get Links and Scrape those at the same time, choosing how many browsers you want open with different commands using Local variables. What you will learn: Creating "Commands" with parameters. Reverse Engineer a website for being able to scrape it. (manta.com) Multithreading using Browser (you choose how many browser might operate scraping links or data from links. Tricks for faking being other computers and referrer. Basics for Regular expressions (email, phone, links
  7. http://acamso.com/wp-content/uploads/supercs-logo_small.png SuperCS: Super Craigslist Scraper Tired of wasting money on leads? With Super Craigslist Scraper, you'll never have to buy leads again. SuperCS will save you time and money by scraping the exact type of leads you require. At your service is an advanced software loaded with features that uses sockets, multi-threading, and complex systems to scrape targeted leads & data quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Give it a try.. See it in action.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZgk79_aiSA Loaded with features; not your typical
  8. http://content.screencast.com/users/r0dvan/folders/Snagit/media/8840781a-3c2b-497d-8ad8-ab11c4240e47/10.04.2016-18.29.png I have something very fucking juicy for you Marketer, stop wasting money on shitty descriptions and titles that won’t help to increase your CTR, clicks, conversions and more. Make sure to know how the biggest of biggest are doing their campaigns so you don’t fuck around with your wallet. Save some time, save energy, cut the shit out, buy this and put it on working on your server. In case you don’t know how to install, I might offer you 10 min support to make it work on yo
  9. Hi, guys basically i want to grab the images of my auctions. How can i scrape the MaxImgUrl? I can only scrape the small pictures because that MaxImgUrl is coded Javascript. Thats a sample: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Apple-iPhone-6S-64GB-fur-519-30-verschiedene-Farben-ohne-Simlock-Wie-neu-/262645491140?var=&hash=item3d26e425c4:m:mruzzGhhGg9HaOeEGlRBo0g How can i grab the image url from all that images? Thank you!
  10. I have for sale my Google Keyword Scraper. To be honest it's not a fancy program but it does get a job done. It will scrape any results for your keywords you type into the text box. If your doing adwords advertising then of course this can be very useful. Since google shows the most popular search terms that means your getting the best adwords and didn't have to do the work yourself to find them. My bot will grab each result from A-Z and put them onto a text file on your desktop for you. Also even better is that I also have a Bing tab as well. So get keywords from both Google and Bing as
  11. http://www.boosterbots.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/InstagramDataGrabberPro.jpg Lifetime License + Free Updates Included! Quickly and easily harvest and save Instagram user profile data, image post links, and usernames with the Instagram Data Grabber Pro. This tool will automatically extract Username, UID (User ID), Followers, Following, Verified, Uploads, Private, Bio, and Website URL from a list of Instagram usernames you load into the bot. With the pro version you can also scrape image post links + extract usernames with blazing fast speed! Current Version v1.3 - Updated 11/22/201
  12. http://i.imgur.com/nyyUt32.jpg You All Know how hard it is when you start working in Ubot and you have to learn all new tricks and quirks of this Automation Hassle?? Well Since this Community has been so Helpful to me i decided to give something back as a Thank you to all those People Which helped me greatly for me and my work i will name a few which i harassed till their Hair Fell off, but this doesn't mean i don't love all you guys So Big thanks to: arunner26>>A man with incredible patience when it comes to newcomers. pash>> A Plugin Beast, that never sleeps! T.J>>
  13. Since i was buried with Requests from everyone i wanted to give you a new chance so you can learn with me http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/1418384167.png Brand New YellowBook Scraper is IN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXxbLR2i2gI&feature=youtu.be So What are the Features of This Package?? You will Receive the following: Full Source CodeFull Compiled VersionVideo Explaining every Step of the Way of How the Software Was DesignedFull Support from MyselfAbility to Change and Modify the Code any way you want toMy eternal gratitude you decided to learn something usefulPri
  14. let me now if you can swimhg this one: 1: Goto Indigogo.com 2: select EXPLORE 3: Select a category - I will type the name of the category on the Ubot UI 4: Goto each and every listing "Note that there is a load more button that keeps adding to the list" 5: once in a listings click the twitter link "bottom of listing page" [Find This Campaign On] 6: Once on their twatter page, select their followers link 7: scrape all followers: Collect Name & @twitter handle. 8. click +follow 9: this can only be done 1800 times or so due to limits 10: I will wait a few days re-launch the bot, use a check
  15. http://annobots.co.uk/images/thumbnails/280/280/detailed/1/linkscrapeV2.png Save hours of work! Harvest LOADS of .edu and .gov links for profit or backlink your website(s) too and drive tons of traffic to your site which in turn can convert to sales!! Introducing the Annobot Link Scrape V2 http://annobots.co.uk/screen-shots/LinkScapeV2Img.jpg Gather URL’s from Google in seconds! Gather .edu and .gov forums, websites and blog links to comment on with your website url which in turn will create juicy backlinks, helping you rank on search engines and generate traffic! Scrape links that
  16. I was thinking of building this myself just for the fun of it, but frankly I don't have the time and this is just something for my personal use anyway and doesn't need to be really sophisticated. Was wondering if anyone would be open to building this for me... All I really want to be able to do is open a page on SoundCloud, and scrape the soundfiles on it to a selected directory. Maybe specify a maximum number to scrape, starting from the first file on the page... but that's pretty much it. I find a lot of music on there available to download to my iTunes library, but it's so tedious to d
  17. Introducing The Advanced Google Multi Keyword Instant Live Keyword Scraper Dominator http://tweetz.us/googlesugestionscraper2.JPG http://tweetz.us/snapshot(18).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(16).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(20).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(17).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(21).png Google Knows Which Keywords Get Searched Most Often! So Use That Information To Your Advantage, Make Every Page you build count by knowing which keywords are already getting the most Live Realtime "Instant" Searches On Google, related to your Niche. Our Google Related Keyword Scraper applic
  18. Operation: 1.- Add the twitter account username: "@username" or "username" (without the quotes) 2.- If you want to include the main source (@username) just check the checkbox. 3.- Select where to save the file (txt or csv) 4.- Hit RUN THE SCRAPING 5.- If you dont want to wait till it scrapes everything, just click SAVE CURRENT SCRAPED DATA and close the program. Download now: http://bit.ly/Z8ZAVB Virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/es/file/96ea166097d3e14ad8c323d7c4dbd7ea11fe42a8117045ba2b83162d3a725772/analysis/1362212984/ If you loved this, please show your love at: http://marketingm
  19. new to ubot and to this forum.. great stuff looking to have a simple scraper built for me that goes to google types in "keyword" term 1 "keyword" term 2 "keyword" term 3 the keyword can be changed by user before they run it the bot runs the seaches and then takes the URL of each website in the search listings from the 1st 5 pages (or more - I'd like user to be able input how many pages to scrape from 1-50) and puts them in a text file and saves it to their pc (taking out duplicates) it saves the urls in format http:// with 1 url to each line and saves the file as "keyword-nameofbot
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