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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I am getting error when trying to login to google This browser or app may not be secure. Learn moreTry using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in it was working google but today facing this issue kindly guide me what i can do to resolve this
  2. hi Instagram is not loading in ubot! What is the problem ??? please test :navigate("https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/", "Wait")
  3. Hello botters, I came across this morning that Pinterest no longer works with Chrome 21. Does anybody have experienced the same? This notification comes up upon logging in.. http://image.prntscr.com/image/1c2a10eb47814b929f13971ed16144a2.png I tried with each browser inbuilt, custom strings supporting newest browsers, Android/iPhone and crawler user agents, but to no avail.. In Chrome 49 with latest version of uBOT it works just fine. Is there any possible workaround, or I guess it's over and I need to switch to buggy Chrome 49? Thanks ahead!
  4. I am trying to login into a website that requires a version of IE and implements a Interactive Network Diagnostic requiring of lowering the security level, and then the server communicates with the client and sharing of information ... what is the norm of getting around this barrier, setting different agents in ubot does not seem to work and then of course the problem of changing the setting...
  5. please help, How do I can login in inube.com using ubot, login button not working in any attributes and in recording mode. thanks for help
  6. Hi All, I am using UBOT 5 developers. I created a bot to log into twitter and then post a tweet. The bot basically: 1. Goes to https://twitter.com/login 2. Changes the attribute of the username to the correct username 3. Changes the attribute of the password to the correct password 4. Clicks sign in The problem is that twitter always comes back with Wrong Username/Email and password combination. If I manually type the name and password all is good. Don't know what's happening. My facebook and linkedin bot work perfectly with the same type of coding. Any help is appreciated. T
  7. Having a problem clicking the login button at http://www.directorymaximizer.com. It's the one at the top right. It works in an external browser such as Firefox but in ubot no joy. Anyone experience this ?
  8. So I'm trying to make a youtube bot. So far I'm just trying to figure out how to log into my youtube account using the bot. So I've navigated to the "sign in" page and dragged and dropped the "email slot" over to the "drag commands here" section on ubot. Now the bot is ready to type text into the email field but it needs to know what "text to type". How can I make the bot find my account details? A text file could work but how do I point the bot to the file? Or if there is a better way to login I'm open to suggestions. Thanks...
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