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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Ubotters, After spending some hours to get it work, I decided to consult with you regarding an issue that I'm getting with some basic things. It could be that I'm just tired, but I can't determine what causes the problem.. Let's get to the point. I have such code: if($contains(#currentBotModule,"module1") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module2") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module3") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module4") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module5")) { then { module basic() } else if(ANOTHER MODULE FUNCTION)
  2. Hello botters, I came across this morning that Pinterest no longer works with Chrome 21. Does anybody have experienced the same? This notification comes up upon logging in.. http://image.prntscr.com/image/1c2a10eb47814b929f13971ed16144a2.png I tried with each browser inbuilt, custom strings supporting newest browsers, Android/iPhone and crawler user agents, but to no avail.. In Chrome 49 with latest version of uBOT it works just fine. Is there any possible workaround, or I guess it's over and I need to switch to buggy Chrome 49? Thanks ahead!
  3. Ok so im having a big issue, ive been trying to use thread spawn to make accounts but when i use the account data to generate usernames, passwords, emails it uses the same info on each thread, ive also tried changing it to local instead of global but no luck, even used account reset but maybe im placing it in the wrong position idk, but what i am trying to do is make a simple account creator with the account data parameters via thread spawn. Ive been stuck on this for hours now and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey there, The other day I was migrating a bot from ui html panel to the browser (Small interface). I had to push the contents of a table with multiple rows and columns to a JS variable in the browser. Thats where my problems started. Spent whole night debugging and wondering whats the problem turning the whole bot upside down, you know the thrill.Funny stuff because the whole problem was because of a single character. Ubot &table puts a strange new line character and Javascript does not like that character. navigate("http://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/html_tables.htm","Wait") scrape t
  5. Guys i am having a small issue with Alert Command see i already created a stable working bot it all work thing i i would like users to know when some process is done this is a small part of the code its pretty basic stuff. ui text box("Username", #Username) ui text box("Password", #Password) define Login to Your Account { navigate("www.gramfeed.com", "Wait") wait(4) if($exists(<outerhtml="<img src=\"/Instagram_signin.png\" border=\"0\">">)) { then { click(<outerhtml="<a class=\"link\" onclick=\"logOauth(0)\" href=\"/oauth/login\"><img s
  6. Guys one of my clients reported that this happens sometimes when he opens one of my bots,it usually works fine but sometimes this shows Up. Now it doesn't matter who i just wanted to ask you guys do you have this issue i also noticed that this started happening when my ubot Subscription expired (Somewhere around that time). I have many plugins but it used to work fine with all of them so what is the catch here? Did anyone encountered this and is there a solution? http://screencast.com/t/Srvlf6z55hm You see my bots have interface and a nice look but sometimes that "Look" Doesn't L
  7. Hey there guys i have a bit of a problem since i literally never used Regex at all so i never had to use it inside Ubot so i need small help to determine the best way to scrape Information. So i am doing this "Test Ride" on this particular Example Check the image attached first http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Routes-Car-and-Truck-Rental-Calgary/Calgary-Alberta/Routes-Car-and-Truck-Rental-Calgary-FRAUD-CHARGING-MY-CREEDIT-CARD-WITHOUT-PERMISSION-1193004 I am trying to Scrape this info with regex the Phone Number, Website and Category Thing is Phone Number sometimes look different check t
  8. So i have this issue with Manta.com i am building something and the weirdest thing i cant seem to find HREF so i can visit link by link only way i found is looping trough offsets which is very sloppy,i would appreciate any help this is the URL http://www.manta.com/search?search_source=nav&pt=34.0396%2C-118.2661&search_location=Los+Angeles+CA&search=handyman&location=Near+Los+Angeles%2C+CA Image Is Attached to let you know what i am talking about!
  9. I don't know why this happen but anytime i fire a alert (notification window) my bot will crash with "not responding" (only compiled bots) anyone knows what to do? A very simple example here: if($contains(#captcha, "Why did this happen?")) { then { alert("solve CAPTCHA!") pause script } } clicking on the window, it won't respond. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello everyone, I have a noticed that some bots don't function correctly on windows 8, I have had many clients that are having problems with the bot not functioning correctly and they are all on windows 8, I have seen it happen with my own eyes, some times the open file button dose not do anything and some parts of the bot that work perfect on windows 7 just don't function on windows 8. Have any of you noticed this problem yet? If this has already been adress please point me in the corect direction.
  11. Hi all! so im having a bit of a problem with this Captcha im trying to crack. I've tried the u bot Captcha field, no problem everything works fine. so here is the Captcha code im trying to get. <img style="display:block;" alt="reCAPTCHA challenge image" height="57" width="300" src="http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/image?c=03AHJ_VuvH6bVbJoe6cEgchiUXthABLQz2HtNxuqI1Wwv8h4kzIpbNfTLTR1Pcla8hn-9Q4A1Wk2tt5f7racJ1Enr8kSFjWygrMLVYeTi0FQ_moU-D9m7msUPv3_YErrhcX05gYaJrw4IqgAvm9SQAlD2LXkqCjI2HGAqKsWzaSH-YD_dTywJDXFI"> It will work the first time but never the second. thanks fo
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