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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone know how to solve the verification code of hotmail registered account? I have been unable to solve it, does anyone know? help!!! https://outlook.live.com/owa/?nlp=1&signup=1 The following is my program code: type text(<name=w"wlspispSolutionElement*">,$solve captcha(<(id=w"wlspispHIPBimg*" AND alt="Visual Challenge")>),"Standard") Please help!!!
  2. So I'm looking to create a ton of accounts on a social site, but am looking for some recommendations re email verification. To avoid leaving a footprint, I'd prefer to use all the common email providers (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc). What is the easiest way to verify the new account emails, and do you recommend any sellers of these email accounts? What possible issues can I run into, etc? Just looking for tips from all you veterans! Thanks.
  3. I'm using 4.2.20 I have a bot that needs to be able to click a link in the content of a message received throught Hotmail (Actually, Outlook - the new version of Hotmail if that matters) The bot is able to click anything that's part of the Outlook interface. For example, it clicks these successfully: Inbox button, junk folder button, logout button, "show images" link inside the e-mail, etc. However, when it comes to clicking the actual links inside of ANY e-mail, it won't work. I have tried manually clicking inside the browser window, and strangely this doesn't work either. Again, it doe
  4. I am using the botbank node (the no phone number one) to create a hotmail account. Anyone know what url this work on? The standard URL requires a phone number. Thanks!
  5. Working with hotmail has been difficult for me, I couldnt figure out how to log in so I had to use the bot bank ... now I find that the page freezes on the new security question page. . . .Then I have to navigate the inbox, it seems rather complex to me, any tips on how to handle it?
  6. Can anyone tell me the best way to click on confirm emails in Hotmail? I see a "verify emails" command... but I'm not sure how to use it. Will it even work with Hotmail? I've also seen a video on YouTube that seems to be "the long way". What's the best way? Thanks!
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