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  1. Hi I am getting error when trying to login to google This browser or app may not be secure. Learn moreTry using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in it was working google but today facing this issue kindly guide me what i can do to resolve this
  2. Hello i have this issue that i never had before. Its either the website txt.bell.ca or google recaptcha recognising ubot browser. I tried everything Heres a video to let you understand better. I will pay 200$ if someone can find the issue Questions are welcome. If you found whats wrong, i will require a video before I pay. Thank you https://youtu.be/Jo8l5CqsLz4
  3. Hi Ubot Forum Does anyone have any experience with using Ubot with Google Big Query? I would like to be able to use my bot directly, just like how you can with the database commands plugin with MySQL. Currently I use an API which connects to BigQuery but sometimes the service goes down, so it is not reliable enough for production. If anyone has any example code on how they connected with the Google API or even BigQuery and they are willing to share it so I can learn from it that would be much appreciated. Basically it is this Oauth stuff I find complicated and am struggling to get my
  4. Google blocking bot, can I be passing a fingerprint? I have a bot that was working yesterday. Today all source code is returned as encoded JS. I switched to anonymous proxies and I am blocked instantly on the first request, either with a bot warning or with the same encoded source code. These proxies are good, I use them with Scrapebox, Rank Tracker & others on Google with no issues. I have the following code at the top of the script: allow flash("No") allow javascript("No") clear cookies plugin command("OSCommandsFunctions.dll", "os clear cache") plugin comma
  5. Ubotters, I found this: https://developers.google.com/custom-search/json-api/v1/overview Does Google expect us to pay for every search our bots make to it ?
  6. Hi, I think it would be best if there was a php plugin for Ubot. This is where the plugin would read our code and then spit out php code. That way we can make php versions or web versions of our .exe bots. I am trying to create a web version of my Google searcher bot. Here is how I built it. Does anyone know php here ? Can you give us all here the php 7 code to build the following bot ? It would help us learn php much faster and you'd get a post LIKE! On the other hand, if you'd rather not help for free then any chance you can build a plugin for not so high a price ? You might make a lot o
  7. I need a Mapmaker bot done in 1 week. Very simple tasks... just going through Mapmaker listings and performing simple tasks. Let me know if you're interested: http://network.ubotstudio.com/freelance/project/make-a-mapmaker-bot-in-1-week/
  8. Hi, How do you get UBot to use the autocomplete function of search engines? My aim is to be able to input a word to a search engine text box and extract all of the autocomplete results, for both before and after the keyword. So, the bot would go to google, bing, or similar, and enter keyword a keyword b keyword c for the whole alphabet and download all of the autocomplete results to a text file. Similarly, it would do the same for: a keyword b keyword c keyword Please note that I wish to achieve this without using api because there are a number of places I want to extract results
  9. Hi, I want to create a bot that will go on google, search a keyword, and select a specific search result based on what I pass into the bot. I was looking at the source code that the search results provide and found that it is fairly difficult to select a specific term given that they scramble the html. I was wondering if Ubot had the functionality to search for a specific word or phrase on the webpage or source code and click on it. An example would be if I were to search "ice cream" on Google and it returned several results, I was hoping I could tell the bot to click on any link that contain
  10. hi, I have two list of keywords, and i want to search for all possible variations, how is this done best? example: list 1:keyword 1keyword 2keyword 3 list 2:city 1city 2city 3 searches:keyword 1 city 1keyword 1 city 2keyword 1 city 3keyword 2 city 1keyword 2 city 2etc etc Note: list 2 could be empty for a list of regular searches.. Next step would be to scrape X urls per keyword combination and add it to a table:keyword combo, url, domainkeyword combo, url, domain>> lets say X=50, then the keyword combo would repeat 50 times, with 50 different urls, before heading to the next keyword
  11. From what I'm seeing, there's this new type of captcha http://i.imgur.com/FCYgM65.png What happens is, when you click a store front, it fades away, and then a new image takes it's place. The new image is random, and can be either a store front or a random place, you have to get rid of all the store fronts to verify. My question is has this always been around or is this their beta version of the captcha to come? It seems fairly hard to manipulate, it's either sending multiple images to a captcha service or hoping some very generous god out there comes up with a way to basically remotel
  12. Just finished plowing through Tutorial 5 on the Ubot site, but unfortunately that video is horribly outdated and the source code of Google has changed significantly. There is no <class = "l"/> tag anymore, only the <class = "r"/> tag which gives you a bunch of www.google.com/ssl= results for your list items. If all that above means nothing to you, I guess my question is what is a updated and efficient way of scraping Google results, using either the $scrape attribute or $page scrape parameters?
  13. I had been trying to build a scraper that would scrape my reviews from a majority of the local review sites that my clients are listed on, but it seems like with everyone of the sites, the lists get miss aligned, meaning the dates dont match up with the names and the reviews dont match up with the names and so forth. Is there anyone that has taken on this type of challenge and are getting the proper data to show up correctly. Some of the review sites include Yelp, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Homevisor, ServiceMagic, and more. If anyone can help or has a already built solution let me
  14. Scrapes google sites (google.com, google.com.au, google.co.uk, google.ca) Collects business names, address, phone number, and website Narrow results by location and keyword Proxy supported Save contacts to a .csv file BusinessScraper.ubot Demo Video:
  15. Hi, I'm new to UBot, but went through the training videos and have a good background in html and using xpath for scraping. I'm trying to scrape google urls, but for some reason I'm not getting any classes or ids that will work. The only thing that repeats on each listing is an onmouseclick javascript code, but it's different for every one. Really appreciate any help here. Thanks, Mike
  16. I am trying to get my Gmail account creator to select the dropdown menus( I am using the standard version of Ubot 5 ), everything I've tried so far doesn't work...
  17. I'm working on a Google images scraper that I plan on selling the source code to, and I was looking for beta testers to test out the compiled version that I have so far. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhpdfavejlxpwoo/Google%20Image%20Scraper%20Beta.exe http://gyazo.com/b41c599680001be9e2b70e90d40d0de6.png http://gyazo.com/72e65a98c0d98396d4c8ffbe716da4c0.png
  18. I'm creating a bot that goes through a list of URLs in one column, saves the fastest suggested route in google maps to the next column, and then saves a screenshot of the map to the third column. I'm having the hardest time trying to save an image to a table cell. Is there any way to go about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is my code: navigate("maps.google.com", "Wait") click(<id="d_launch">, "Left Click", "No") create table from file("C:\\Users\\Katelynn\\Desktop\\addresses.txt", &my table) set(#row_num, 0, "Global") clear list(%places) loop($table total ro
  19. Anyone managing to have any luck getting a bot setup with the new google keyword planner? Can't seem to figure out how to click the boxes for the keywords. Any ideas? Cheers
  20. Hi, http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/9540/o3ap.png I wanted to scrape those and put in a text file or csv file with the corresponding keywords. I can't manage to make it work. It does not scrape the numbers and results are none. I checked the debugger and it cant scrape it. I have a Standard version. Thanks a lot!
  21. Hello, My name is Ricardo. I am trying to learn how to scrape URLS and are having a hard time trying to figure out how to get a list of URLs off of googles search page. I am looking here trying to find the "class" so I can select all the URLS on the page. I am looking in here: <a href=" " onmousedown="return rwt(this,'','','','8','AFQjCNET0Cgo85zpZkk1bf16E0ddjYO3Xw','','0CFkQtwIwBw','','',event)">Getting Started With <em>Ubot Studio</em> Drag And Drop - YouTube</a> Not working no matter what I try. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi, I have a made a bot that makes a Google search, and I want to click on a result from the Google result page. But my bot dosen't click at all. Can anyone please help me? My code: click(<innertext="www.domain.com">, "Left Click", "No")
  23. CRAIGSLIST EMAIL SCRAPER Scrape emails from any Craigslist site worldwideEasiest to use Craigslist Scraper on the marketCompletely automated (no more copy and paste urls, no site navigation)Scrape by the category of your choiceAutomatically removes duplicate emailsBuilt for speed and accuracyEasily scrape 50,000+ emails a dayAutomatically scrapes the newest listingsCity counter, add counter, and email counterSave emails to text fileFilters personal emails and CL emails into separate listsORDER ONLINE AT ELITESPORTSUPPLY.COM/SOFTWARE 48 HOUR SALE - ONLY $75
  24. I need automation script for Google Ыervice. If you are expert in UBot -> PM and I will send you detailed description. Thanks!
  25. Introducing The Advanced Google Multi Keyword Instant Live Keyword Scraper Dominator http://tweetz.us/googlesugestionscraper2.JPG http://tweetz.us/snapshot(18).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(16).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(20).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(17).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(21).png Google Knows Which Keywords Get Searched Most Often! So Use That Information To Your Advantage, Make Every Page you build count by knowing which keywords are already getting the most Live Realtime "Instant" Searches On Google, related to your Niche. Our Google Related Keyword Scraper applic
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