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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm running an exbrowser bot on a server with portable firefox. Running one bot is fine. When I run a second instance of the bot, sometimes Firefox will freeze. There is 8GB of RAM, I run ccleaner before and after the bot runs and I've set Firefox to clear cache on exit. Is there a way to clear the firefox cache whilst it is running? I use the cleanup light command so that it doesn't close other instances of FF but I wasn't sure that was enough so that's why I was using ccleaner too. The bot itself is not freezing, only firefox, so I think that's because the cache has reached a p
  2. Good Morning From Italy, I am experiencing hanging/freezing issues on windows 10, BOTs are not running more than 15 minutes and then ends up in freezing not only the browser also interface of BOT is hanging/freezing. Anybody else is facing this issue or any remedy for this annoying issue... I have BOTS which needs to run 24x7. Any help Gurus? Saluti, Zikria
  3. Hello, I have purchased the developer edition of ubot and I have been creating bots for around a month now. With small bots everything seems to be working fine. My problem is when I start creating a little more complex bot. When I compile them, they seem to freeze after some time. I run test 3-4 times and they work just fine. But after that, in the 5th or 6th trial, the bots freeze and i have to close them using the task manager. I have read in older posts that the bots freeze out of nowhere, is it still the same situation with all updates possible? My aim is to have some of the bots r
  4. Guys i have issue with Chromium Browser i tried to make some adjustments to my Like4Like bot and i discovered this issue (see the picture attached) It looks like when i click on like or something Chromium freezes and new tab never gets opened,Same thing with AddMeFast did you guys ever had this issue?
  5. Hello again, I have a problem I have a bot that is fairly large, with about 5 tabs each tab has it's own action like searching and following, and a different tab would be Searching and liking, I have taken the code in each tab and put it into define commands and then run a single UI from one tab hiding the rest of them, each tab also has error handling through out the code, and I have placed all the error handling in it's own tab and in define commands also to not clutter up the main code. So I end up running Define From Define From Define and now the bot just stops working after a while for n
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